Student Blogging Challenge 7

Hey, Kids! We are nearing the end of our blogging challenges. Visit the Challenge Site and write a new post.  You have freedom in Challenge 7 and lots of choices in Challenge 6.   Here’s another idea for a post as we near the end of our school year.

What has been the best part about blogging for you this year? 

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So long lives this, and this gives life to thee

Our birthday celebration for the Bard was a huge success! (The only mishap: I dropped my camera, and it broke.) Thank you to our wonderful speakers: journalist Kim Hackett and editor Camille Cline. Thank you to our honored guests: Mrs. Chonody, Mrs. Lynch, Mrs. Mercurio, Mrs. Piteo, and Fr. John. Thank you to our parent caterers! We are already planning for the 450th birthday next year.

Imagine the entire world celebrating your birthday in the year 2463. What would people do at your birthday party?

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Shakespeare’s Birthday Party!

Shakespeare birthplace
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Join us as we celebrate the Birthday of the Bard in Startford-on-Avon style. Each year the Birthplace Museum organizes a parade through town to honor the master storyteller and poet.   Black and gold balloons are released, flags of many nations are unfurled, flowers are placed on his grave.   We will recreate these events and many others on Tuesday, April 23rd, as homage to William Shakespeare.

Schedule of Events:

Unfurling of the flags

Quill Pageant

The placement of the flowers

Hanging wishes on the Mulberry Tree

Recitations of soliloquys, sonnets and poems

Guest lectures from the writing community

Tea and cake

Birthday party games

Grave of William Shakespeare
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Field Day!

Spring festivals occur all over the globe, and Epiphany is no exception.   The first school Friday in April finds us on the field, divided into blue and orange teams, showing our spirit as we vie to capture the Field Day title.   Hoops, balls, balloons, pucks, tubes, boxes, ropes, and, of course, water, figure prominently into the dozen games scattered on the field testing our stategies, our balance, our skills, and our good nature.   No matter who wins, we are guaranteed to get wet and to have fun. 

What is your favorite Field Day game? (extra credit for all Tigers who leave a comment!)

For our non-Tiger visitors, Do you have a tradition similar to Field Day at your school?

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Getting to know the Bard

A Google search on William Shakespeare will yield over 144 million results!  WOW!  Amazing!

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Here are some links to websites to check out.  Spend at least 10 minutes investigating Shakespeare on-line, then leave a comment about something new you have learned.  Make sure you indicate what website you researched.

Watch this video on the Biography channel.

Play some games at the Folger Shakespeare Library.

Visit the Shakespeare Birthplace Museum.

Read a news story in The Nation that is  hot off the press.



Student Blogging Challenge Week 5

Hey, Kids! 

I hope everyone is having a great Easter break!  Did any of you watch The Bible miniseries on The History Channel over the last 10 weeks?  It ended last night.  Very moving and inspiring.  If you watched it, what did you think?

almost may
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Miss W. has decided to give everyone a week off from challenges due to Easter vacation, however, she did post LOTS of your names on her challenge site this week.   See if you can find your name, and then visit the blogs of kids you have not met before.   It’s great to see you getting noticed in the blogosphere!

What are you doing for vacation?  Extra credit for anyone who writes a post about their Easter break!   You could also write another Teddy post and email it to me so I can put it on Teddy’s blog. 

See you next week!