Field Day!

Spring festivals occur all over the globe, and Epiphany is no exception.   The first school Friday in April finds us on the field, divided into blue and orange teams, showing our spirit as we vie to capture the Field Day title.   Hoops, balls, balloons, pucks, tubes, boxes, ropes, and, of course, water, figure prominently into the dozen games scattered on the field testing our stategies, our balance, our skills, and our good nature.   No matter who wins, we are guaranteed to get wet and to have fun. 

What is your favorite Field Day game? (extra credit for all Tigers who leave a comment!)

For our non-Tiger visitors, Do you have a tradition similar to Field Day at your school?

Field Day 2013 on PhotoPeach

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16 thoughts on “Field Day!

  1. My Favorite field day game is the 50 yard dash but sadly we didn’t have it this year. Also Mrs.Donofrio I have a question abot my blog. How would you add someone to your blogroll if they are from another blog? What was your favorite activity?

    • I actually liked watching the basketball this year. Usually the kids all throw from the free throw line, but this year, there was a lot more action. Kids were dribbling up to the net and trying to jam it in. There was some fancy dunking going on, too.
      On Monday I’ll help you with your blogroll, Anthony. I’m glad you are connecting with kids from other classes.
      Have a great weekend,
      Mrs. Donofrio

  2. Hi Mrs. Donofrio! My favorite activity was the ice challenge. It cools you down a lot after all that running around!

  3. HI! My favorite game of Field Day is the water pass. I like how you get wet, and it’s not physical, so no one can get hurt. I also like the fifty yard dash. Its fun how you get to use both speed and teamwork to win the game. It was sad that we didn’t have it this year. I think we should have a field day for the teachers, but instead of physical things, the teachers have to pass activities that use the brain. For instance, the teachers might have to figure out a brian teaser, or a puzzle. Would you like to participate in field day?

  4. My favorite activity was the obstacle coarse because, at the end of the coarse you got to dump a cup of water on your head! It really cooled you off!

  5. Even though I wasn’t there this year, my favorite game is the balloon pop. I wish I was there. I’m trying to catch up on all of my homework. By the way, I have 110 visitors!! I’ll see you tomorrow!

  6. Hello Mrs.Donofrio ,
    My favorite event this year was the pole walk. I have always loved the pole walk . What was your favorite event ?

  7. Hi Mrs.Donofrio!
    My favorite field day activity was tug of war. If you participated in field day, what do you think would be your favorite activity?

  8. hey Mrs.Donofrio
    I had so much fun during field day!! i think my favorite game would have to be the obstacle course! what was your favorite game?


  9. Hey Mrs. Donofrio,
    My favorite activity was the Obstacle Course! I think that is my favorite every year aside from golf.

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