We’ve reached our first goal: 500 visitors

Yesterday we had 501 visitors, and today we are up to 528.  We have 22 states and 11 countries from five continents represented.  Thanks to everyone for visiting, and especially to those who have left us comments.  We have enjoyed corresponding with our new blogging friends at Huzzah! and in Mrs. Krebs’ class.  We hope to meet more friends this year.  Our next goal is to complete some type of project with another class that we meet through blogging.

To celebrate reaching our first milestone, we had a Blogging Party today.  We watched the movie Hercules since we recently finished reading the myth.  We also opened a concession stand with popcorn, soda and candy.  Some of the kids brought in blankets and pillows so they could watch the quintessential Greek hero in style.

What are your goals in school this year?  Do you have a plan to celebrate when you reach a goal?

We travel with Dr. Indiana Jones

This week our young archeologists journeyed half-way across the globe in search of artifacts for inclusion in a special exhibit at our museum.  Accompanying the world famous Dr. Indiana Jones, our students excavated the sites of ancient Greek myths and medieval Brittish legends.   After spending a week researching and digging, they returned to the States with their artifacts in hand.  The students presented these National Treasures  to our museum curator and board of directors, hoping that they might be of such significance as to be included in our most recent exhibit scheduled for tomorrow Night at the Museum.  See for yourself, and then let us know…

What is your favorite museum movie?


Oral Reports about Ancient Civilizations on PhotoPeach




Today we reviewed for our first unit test by playing Jeopardy!  Each member of the winning team gets three bonus points added onto his or her test; the second place team receives two points, and the third place team, one point.  Our categories were: Myths, Legends, Fables, Hercules, Olympians, History and Geography, Art, Vocabulary, and Literary Terms.

Can you answer any of our Jeopardy! questions?

1. In what countries are the Pillars of Hercules?

2. What slave is credited with telling fables to buy his freedom?

3. What instrument did Orpheus play?

4. Who is Sir Galahad’s father?

5. What is a Sisyphian task?

6. What figure of speech is used in this sentence: “The whole world sorrowed with him.”?

7. Where was Sir Thomas Mallory when he wrote Le Morte D’Arthur?

8. Define ebullient.

9. On what Greek island in the Mediterranean were Daedalus and Icarus imprisoned?

10. What Greek art form depicted the labors of Hercules?


Welcome, Parents and Moji

Grade 7 families at Open House

At our Open House tonight I was able to introduce our new student, Moji, who comes to us from Thailand via a year in Singapore, to many of our middle school families.   Of course, we talked about our curriculum, especially our unit on Greek mythology, and I also showed our class blog and our Teddy blog to the parents.    I shared some of the letters authors have written to the students.  Everyone was interested to see where their children sat and to look at some of the books their kids are reading this year.  I also assigned homework:  check out our blog and write a comment.  Here’s a question for all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and any other family and friends of our students:

How has school changed since you were a student?