We’re in the news!

Today the Venice Gondolier published “A Reading Trifecta at the Library” about our students donating the book Teddy Tours Venice to the library and reading all their published books to the Suncoast Humane Society dogs.  The article ran on page 1B, the front page of the Our Town section.  Thanks to the article, we received our first order for a copy of the book!!  Not only are we now published, but we have sold a copy!  We are officially authors and illustrators!   Oh, happy day!

Seven postcards arrived today!

We saw bison, deer, antelope, moose and birds.

Today I received postcards from Mexico, UF in Gainesville, South Carolina, Mote Marine in Sarasota, and Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.  YAY!!!   Everyone who wrote is having a good time on their adventures.   Keep the postcards coming!  My favorite trip is the one I make each day to my mailbox.  Oh happy day!

Middle School students donate class book “Teddy Tours Venice” to Venice Public Library

  Makenzie and Britton, illustrators of Teddy Tours Venice, along with Mitch, donate a copy to children’s librarian, Mother Goose, at a recent Reading to Dogs event.

Students author and illustrate class books each year, using the writing process.  This year, in addition to writing Everyday Items A to Z, the 7th grade illustrated a children’s book, Teddy Tours Venice, part of a series that follows Teddy the dog as he leads his family through city streets around the country.

Reading to Dogs at Venice Public Library

Gracie and Jack read books their classes authored and illustrated to Oliver, a Suncoast Humane Society therapy dog, at the Venice Public Library.

Ellie reads her class book, “Unique as a Snowflake” to Scotty, a Suncoast Humane Society therapy dog, at a recent Reading to Dogs event at the Venice Public Library.


First postcards arrive

My first two postcards have arrived from vacationers in the mountains! I love to see and read about your adventures!

Learning to Blog

I am trying to teach myself about blogging today!  Teaching myself is not easy!  Teaching myself about technology that I have never used is especially hard for me.  But I will persevere.

This is what started me on my quest to learn about blogging:  my husband has been telling me for years that I should start a blog, and Abbey’s 10th grade English teacher  has her class participating in a blog this summer.  It is time for me to jump in the pool!

My goal is to learn enough about blogging so that we can start a classroom blog in August.