Student Blogging Challenge 7

Hey, Kids! We are nearing the end of our blogging challenges. Visit the Challenge Site and write a new post.  You have freedom in Challenge 7 and lots of choices in Challenge 6.   Here’s another idea for a post as we near the end of our school year.

What has been the best part about blogging for you this year? 

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14 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge 7

  1. I liked blogging because it was a really neat experience. The whole thing was really fun for me. I got to connect with kids in other countries, and ask questions. It taught me a lot about internet safety, and how you can connect with other people safely. I really enjoyed it and hope we can keep these blogs going. It was so much fun. I think I really liked everything about blogging!

    What was your favorite part about blogging?

  2. The best part about blogging this year is talking and connecting with people fron across the world and seeing how they live and their cultures. I also really liked seeing how diffrent schools do diffrent things when they are in a diffrent part of the world! What can I do to inprove my blog?

  3. My favorite part of blogging was being able to connect with people around the world. I think it is cool to get visitors from different countries. What was your favorite part about blogging?

  4. The best part of blogging this year was 1. Getting my blog and 2. Getting to meet and connect with new people around the world. Also, getting to see my visitor count go up, and reaching our class goals to have our parties! What was your favorite part of blogging Mrs. Donofrio?

  5. I think the best blogging experience I got to learn this year was just learning how a blog works and finding all the bloggers in the world.

    What did you like most?

  6. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    I liked learning about Shakespeare on the blog. Next year we should have a goal use ipads to get on our blogs.

  7. Dear Mrs. Donofrio,

    Blogging has shown me quite a few things like, socializing with people from other countries and states, the blogging challenges are fun, and learning about Shakespeare.

  8. Hi Mrs.Donofrio,
    I thought blogging was fun this year. There is nothing I could change about blogging I really liked it. My favorite part of blogging was people visiting from overseas. What was your favorite part of blogging?

  9. My favorite part about blogging this year was how we got to interact with people all over the world! I think it’s so neat to see what kids our age are learning about that aren’t even in Florida!

  10. The best part I think of blogging this year would be everyone getting their own blog. Getting to write what we want on our own blog is fun! And getting to interact with other blogs and seeing how they do things in school is very interesting!


  11. The best part about blogging this year would probably be that it helps you with your writing and grammar skills. I think that it helps a lot. I also really like that people from all over the world can visit your blog.
    Whats one thing that you like a lot about blogging?

  12. Hi Mrs.Donofrio I’ve loved bloging this yearling it is much better then just doing regular homwork and then going on the computer after. Now we get the privilege to go on the computer to do our homework and have our own blog. My favorite student challenge was week one where we had to list the top ten people I would like to meet and ask questions to mine are one my blog under student blogging challenge, tell me yours on my blog


  13. Q: What has been the best part about blogging for you this year?

    A: I think the best part about blogging this year was having fun talking to your classmates and even people around the world, in a safe, and educational way. Mrs. Donofrio you have been the best language arts teacher ever. I just can’t wait when I’m in 7th grade next year!
    Love, Hannah

    Q: How can we make blogging even better next year?

    A: I think it was absolutely great this year! I had so much fun learning all the things you taught me about this great activity. I really have no suggestions for the blog because I think it is absolutely great!
    Love, Hannah

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