Meet Teddy!

Here I am! I love to run!

Hey, Kids!  I am Teddy, a Schnoodle.  That means I am a mixture of a Schnauzzer and a Poodle.  I have my own book series!   Mrs. Donofrio writes the stories, and her students illustrate them.  My stories tell about my adventures as I escape from my family and run through cities we are visiting.  So far I have toured Boston and my hometown ofVenice, Florida.    I am planning to go to Washington D.C. this winter.  

You can read about my adventures all over the world every day on my blog:  Every day I will visit somplace new.

I send “virtual postcards” from our travels to all our friends on my blog!  I tell you about all the places I see, the people I meet, and the food I eat.  I also love to receive postcards; getting mail is fun!  I hope you’ll write back to me!  

My ears are flapping in the wind!





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20 thoughts on “Meet Teddy!

  1. Hey, its Teddy! Two weeks ago I went to Fort Myers with my family and close friends 🙂 It was so much fun and I made lots of new friends! I went on several diffrent exciting journies that were so much fun!

    • Hey Teddy it sounded like you had fun with your family in Fort Myers. I hope I have that much fun with my family for Christmas. What holiday did you go see your family for or was it just for fun write me back at

  2. Hi “Teddy”,

    My name is Areli and I am in Mr.Miller’s class. You look so cute in the picture. Your blog is so legible and clear to see things. My blog is slightly darker than yours. Those adventures sound pretty fun. If you had the chance to leave your family for adventure, would you?


    • Hi Areli,
      Thanks for visiting me! Even though I keep escaping from my family to have exciting adventures, I don’t want to leave them for good. I am glad they keep finding me because I would miss them. I just get so excited when adventure calls that I forget everything else and just follow my nose wherever it leads! Last week I went to Machu Picchu; Juno, Alaska; and a Mediterranean cruise! I was super busy! I will post these adventures on my blog this week. Stay tuned, and thanks for visiting!

  3. My name is Bryson.I like on of the places that teddy went.The place is Venice, FL.I like a long the street venice ave. Ilike the dolphons and turtels that look like all sorts of faverate one is the one that looks like a pizza delivery person.Another thing that I like about venice is the sunset at the south jetties.

    • Hi Bryson!
      I agree with you. The sunset on the jetty is beautiful. Plus, I love to run on the beach and chase the seagulls. Sometimes they chase me, too! I also love to eat pizza, so I like your choice of sea turtle as well. You know what they say, “Great minds think alike!”

  4. Hi Teddy!
    My name is Julia and i’m from Mrs.Smiths class at Huzzah! Those adventures sound fun. I would love to read about you’r adventures. I might have to some day! It would be so much fun traveling to all of those diffrent cities, but I could never imagine leaving my family behind. But then again i’m not dog! I hope to see your post or virtual post cards about all the differnet people and food you eat and meet. Wait… that dosent sound right! All the food you eat and all the people you meet, Haha.
    From Julia

    • Hi Julia,
      Thanks so much for visiting Teddy. He loves to meet new people. If you click on the link in the post, it will bring you to Teddy’s own blog where he shares his adventures. He’s been quite a few places already: Greece, Italy, North Carolina, Disney, Peru, Alaska….I can’t remember them all; he has traveled more than I have. Perhpas he will take a trip with Epona and Stephano someday!
      Thanks so much for writing. You are very eloquent and witty!
      We hope to Skype with your class soon.
      Mrs. Donofrio

  5. We were glad we had the photo of Teddy this weekend when we saw the little escape artist on his visit to us! I have a feeling if he is ever missing you will find him hanging out with Buster 🙂

  6. Thanks for sending him home! As you know from his books, he loves to escape and have adventures on his own. Perhaps Buster will show up in one of his books!

  7. Hi! It’s me Teddy! Today I visited T.J the tiger at ECS. He was a really cool guy! We had a lot in common, he liked to run, dance, and just have a good time! We sat and ate lunch in the school cafeteria. The meal was cheese quesadillas, juice, and chips or a mini muffin. T.J got Cheetos since the Cheeto character reminded him of his great uncle. I got a blueberry mini muffin. They were really good. After lunch T.J showed me a picture of his legendary dad, Tony. He was a pretty awesome mascot! After that T.J showed me all the instruments, and the people who play them. I met Mrs.Jackie, Rozeth, Audrey, Matthew, and a boy named Daniel. They were all really good! I tried to play the saxophone, but failed! Overall the school band tour was really fun! T.J was great! So was everyone else! Arf-Arf for now!

    • Teddy,
      What a great day you had at school! Music and lunch…you can’t go wrong with those two classes! I knew T.J. was related to Tony, but I had no idea about his uncle. Now that you mention it, though, I should have seen the family resemblance. We have always liked Cheetos, but we will like them even more now. Thanks for writing, Teddy!

      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  8. Teddy you are so cute and your lucky to have such great adventures. I hope you have many more adventures because I love hearing about them. I hope to hear more adventures and have you ever gone somewhere far away?

  9. Hello Teddy,
    Your sssooo ccuuttee!!!!! I’m jealous that you got to travel be your self it must be so lonely. I hope you do get to finally see Washington DC in the US! Plus, is it fun traveling by your self?

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