Student Blogging Challenge Week 5

Hey, Kids! 

I hope everyone is having a great Easter break!  Did any of you watch The Bible miniseries on The History Channel over the last 10 weeks?  It ended last night.  Very moving and inspiring.  If you watched it, what did you think?

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Miss W. has decided to give everyone a week off from challenges due to Easter vacation, however, she did post LOTS of your names on her challenge site this week.   See if you can find your name, and then visit the blogs of kids you have not met before.   It’s great to see you getting noticed in the blogosphere!

What are you doing for vacation?  Extra credit for anyone who writes a post about their Easter break!   You could also write another Teddy post and email it to me so I can put it on Teddy’s blog. 

See you next week!

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15 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge Week 5

    • YAY, Johnny! I will check out your blog tonight and look at your map! I am so excited for you! Good job! Where is your farthest visitor from?
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  1. Hi Mrs. Donofrio, I have not watched the whole series of the bible but last night I was flipping threw the channels and saw Jesus getting nailed to the cross. I watched the rest of the episode and it was so sad but the actor playing Jesus showed so much emotion. The whole scene captured me.
    The actor showed the pain and love from Jesus. It really touched my way of looking at the depths of Good Friday.

    • Dear Lexie,
      I did not see the entire series either, but I did see the crucifixtion scene. It was difficult to watch the whole thing; I had to avert my eyes when they nailed him to the cross. I actually got up and moved to another part of the room away from the t.v. I don’t know how his mother Mary was able to watch that. I have been praying the Divine Mercy novena since Good Friday, and I rewatch that scene in my mind as I recite the prayers.
      I hope you had a joyful Easter and that you are enjoying your spring break, too, Lexie. Have you done anything special? See you Monday!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

      • Yes I’m having an awesome Easter break! I’ve been blogging a lot in my free time on my phone. There is an great app for edublogs. Right now I’m at hawks cay in the keys. I did a post about it, if you want to know about you can check out my blog. I hope you have a great rest of Easter break!
        Lexie 😊

  2. hey yes i did watch the bible miniseries-3 still got to finish 4 and 5. this Easter vacation i went camping at Korsion historic state park. I learned allot like the Korsions believed the earth was hollow and there was life in the middle also they believed the sun and moon was just a reflection. also they thought this man named Mr. Teed was the messiah, and he was going to rise again because he told them that was going to happen. if you want to learn more ask me on Monday!

    • Hi Riley,
      I do want to know more about Korison Historic State Park as I have never heard of it until now. Very interesting! You and your family always have great adventures on vacation.
      I’m glad you got to see part of The Bible miniseries. Knowing you, I’m sure you liked it a lot.
      I can’t wait to hear more about your camping trip on Monday. See you then! Hello to all your family.
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  3. Hi Mrs.Donofrio! Yes, I am having a great Easter break! I have been blogging a lot in my free time. There is a great for edublogs.

    I am at Hawks Cay right now and if you want to read about It I made a post and put a picture I took from the view of my balcony. I am having a great time and making friends at the kids center! Hope you have a great rest of the break!


  4. Hello Mrs.Donofrio I hope you are having a great Easter Break. Over Easter break I went to disney and I saw the Blue Man Group. It was the coolest show in the world. I watched a little of the bible. The only parts I watched was when Jesus was carrying the cross. If you go to the Blue Man Group you could read more about it. Have you ever seen the Blue Man Group? If not do you want to?

    • Hi Anthony,
      Interestingly, I just saw the Blue Man Group myself a couple of months ago. My husband gave me tickets to their show for Christmas. We had a good time. Those men are so creative. Who would think you could entertain so many people with blue paint, PVC tubes, and marshmallows? Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I’m glad you had a good vacation. We went to Miami for three days. Have you ever been there? Would you like to go someday?
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  5. Hi Mrs.D! I am having a great Easter Break. My cousins from Michigan came down and stayed at a hotel in Siesta Key. We spent a week at the beach and on Wednesday we went to Mote Marine. Our cousin’s teacher’s son is the Shark Scientist there. So we got to go “backstage” and see all of his research area. He just got back from Jackson Ville FL. tagging Great White sharks. Of the places they go. You can follow Liydia on twitter. You can see more about this on my blog. Oh I forgot, I did not watch the Bible but my mom has tapped it. See you Monday!

    • Brooke, you always have the most exciting adventures! I am going to check out your blog right now! Thanks for writing.
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

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