Student Blogging Challenge: Week 5

Hey Kids,
This week’s challenge focuses on the inherent rights we have as human beings. Included in these rights are specific rights that children have.  The challenge comes from the theme of Blog Action Day.

The Human Rights Document from the United Nations outlines these basic rights in 30 articles.  The rights of the child are contained in this document.

Read through the list.  Do you think all people on our planet are receiving everything they have a right to receive?  Is there anything each one of us can do to promote the rights of all human beings?

Portrait of Pakistani Schoolgirl
Photo Credit: United Nations Photo via Compfight cc

Now, read this article about Malala, a 16-year-old Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban for promoting the right to education for girls.   What are your thoughts about Malala?

Here is another question:  Does our protagonist, Maniac Magee, have everything he is entitled to have under the rights of the child?

Hmmm.  Think about it.

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59 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge: Week 5

  1. I think that everyone should have the right to do school. I belive that every on the malala made a differnce that everyone can have a education and if everyone help peple will have a education.

  2. I think Malala is doing a great thing for girls in her country. Everyone deserves a right to education and everyone is entitled to have knowledge. She definitely is serious about what shes talking about. Even after being shot in the head on a school bus at school she still is protesting for her educational rights! If you were protesting and you were shot at school, would you keep going to fight for what is right?

  3. I think Malala is a brave girl and has stood up for all the Pakistani girls that have not got there right to their education. Maniac doesn’t either. He lives without parents, and doesn’t go to school.

    • Dear Eric, I think that you are right, that Maniac does not have all the rights he is entitled to. Next time you write a comment though, make sure you proofread. You must always remember that anyone and everyone can see what you write online. Would you like to live like Maniac?

  4. Hello Mrs. Donofrio,
    No I don’t think that all the people on our planet are getting the rights that they deserve. We are all on the same planet so we should all have the same rights. People that kill other people are just killing them selves because soon theres not going to be alot of us left if people keep killing other people. So I say that people should stand up and say what they want to say because everybody deserves to heard! Things that we can do as the people of this planet is we can write letters to the congress explaining to them what we would like to happen. Also we can raise money doing fundraisers for the people who do not recieve the same rights that we have. I hope we the people will choose to change this serious matter that people do not all recieve the same rights.

    • Hey Baylee,
      Those are great ideas. We should write letters to congress and have fundraisers to raise money for human rights.
      what fundraiser would you have to raise money?
      If you were writing to congress, what would you say?
      What would you like to happen?


      Visit my blog @

  5. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    I don’t think many kids are getting their rights. Like Maniac Magee, many kids do not have an “adequate standard of living”, and many don’t get a real education. Everyone could probably donate money or clothing we collect by bake sales, or even just donating straight out to buy or make sure everyone is at least getting decent clothing, water, shelter, etc. I read Malala’s story. It’s so sad that people aren’t willing to give others their rights as humans. What did you think of the story?

  6. According to article 3 of the human rights document, humans have the right to security of persons and Maniac Magee does not have security for himself. Also according to article 24 of the human rights document, Everyone has the right to rest and leisure document, and If living in a buffalo pen is rest and leisure then Maniac doesn’t have that articles rights for that.

  7. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    I do not think that everyone is receiving the rights they are supposed to receive. Abortion is a big problem. Everyone has the right to live. In abortion babies are being killed every day. Its not just tissue, the baby has every thing you and I have. It has made a big difference in my life knowing what is happeningto these poor littlebabies. THey have the same right to live as I have. Why is it still happening?

  8. Hi Mrs.Donofrio,
    I do not think people in the world are recieving the rights they have. A extrodinary example is freedom of religion. In other countries they have to hide and practice there religion. In some places the used to go underground. I appriciate the post!

  9. Hi Mrs.Donofrio,
    This is a truly inspireing post. I really do think she will become a polition or leader when she grows up. She has gone through so much, and shes only 16 years old. Amazing! All children in our contry, and even other countrys deserve a home, food, clothes, and a family. I’m so lucky that I have all thease things and more. I feel for Maniac, and even John McNab. Both of them really don’t have a family. What effect did this post and story have on you when you were writing it? Hope to blog you later.

  10. I don’t think that people are recieving what they have the right to recieve. We should do a walk to stand up for what we think is right. I think Malala is very courageous and that she is doing a good job of standing up for what is right and for what she believes in. Maniac Magee doesn’t have everything that he is entitled to because Mars Bar picks on him, going against human rights for a child. What human rights do you think that Maniac should recieve that he doesn’t already have?

  11. Hi Mrs.Donofrio,
    I don’t think everyone is recieving what they deserve. So many people have abortion on children. In the Human Rights document they state that every child is born free. You can pray for the people who do abortion and hope that they will get some common sense. I think Malala is a great role model. She reminds of Rosa Parks because she stood up for her color. No, I don’t think Maniac Magee has all the rights he deserves. He is a good kid with a terrible life. Do you agree with the Human Rights Document?

  12. Hi Mrs. Donofrio
    I think that Malala was a very brave person and that she really stood up for what she believed in. The way that she was very brave even to almost get killed like that, makes me think “Hmm, would I do that too?” Most people would say yes, right then and there, but I told myself to really think about it. She probably didn’t know that she was going to get shot, but she most likely knew that she there was a probability that she could get hurt. And even after she got hurt, she continued to stand up for what she believed in. So think about that for a while. After hearing about that, I think that somebody who would do that for education has a good point. Education leads to good jobs, which leads to a more stable economy, which leads to people living longer and more people having a home and having food on their table. So, do you think what she was right, and would you do what she did to?

  13. “You have the right to the best possible health services (Article 24) ” -CROC. Maniac certainly does not have the best health services.
    “You have the right to an adequate standard of living (Article 27)”-CROC. Also, Maniac is an orphan and he has the right to go to the government to insist on having the proper living space. I think Malala did the right thing. Sometimes standing up for what you believe in is worth the price. Although, shooting a 16 year old girl is probably going to hurt Pakastan’s cred. Do you think you could ever be brave enough to do whatr Malala did in her position?

  14. Hi Mrs.D what I think about is that she is just an extrodinary person who just wants to go to school. I think anyone who would take the risky chance of being shot just to go to school…. is to amazing to understand. We might take school for granted, but she takes it as a chance to finally learn something to finally be free to go and do things other girls can’t do. I am currently reading her new book I am Malala and I think its just great so far. She is greatly moving on in her life and by learning and going to school. To answer your other question I think people are not receiving everything they have a right to receive. Like for example people who wants to go to church can’t because they are not letting them. They even have to go hide their practices in abandon buildings, and even in the sewers (yuck!). There is probably one way we can promote the rights, by doing a walk and getting the word out. To answer or last question no I do not think Maniac has any of the rights he was entitled to under the rights of a child. Do you think Maniac would have the rights if his mom and dad didn’t die? ~Alicia

  15. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    No, I do not thinks Maniac has everything he is entititled to have. Some of these things include a house, proper meals, and a loving family. He lived with the Beales, McNabbs, the deer pen, and the equipment room, but none of those lasted over a year.
    He really never had a home, except when he was wth his parents and the Beales. Even though he also lived with his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan, he didn’t consider it a home because they constantly fought, never shared anything, and were only at the same table during Christmas and Thaksgiving. Maniac has had a hard live so far, but I think it’s going to get better. Do you think Maniac has everything he is entitled to?

  16. Hi Mrs. Donofrio I think were very luckey because some people like Malala might not have everything we do. I think everyone could donate more so everyone in the world can be as lucky as us. As far as Maniac having everything he has or needs as a child I would say no he has no real family other then the Beales. So I feal sorry for him and for Malala. What do you think about the hole thing.

  17. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    Maniac doesn’t has any of the child’s rights. He lives on the street, he doesn’t eat, and he doesn’t even have a place to stay. He should be taken care of by a good family, and have fun. Do you think Maniac should be treated differently?

  18. Hi, Mrs. Donofrio!

    I think that everyone on this planet deserves the same right, no matter if they are poor, rich, black, white, tall or short. I think that if we all take time to actually help people that are in need, we can all make a difference.


  19. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,

    I think that Malala is doing a very brave and great thing for everyone and Pakistan. She should follow her dream to help everyone get educated. I don’t think that everyone is recieving what they need. We can donate money to Sudan so they can get enough water to live.

    Maniac needs to have a stable home and parents. He also needs to go to school to help out his future.


  20. Of course I think everyone should have an education. Look at all the gifts education has given us already. Many people do not get this though. Malala is a great example. I think Malala has made a huge difference and I think it is great she would like to be in politics. She has experienced all the unfairness of a government and she would know what and what not to do. There are many things we can do as a people. Also I think Maniac doesn’t have everything he is entitled to as a child. He could, but he doesn’t. What are some of your ideas about helping others get an education? -Audrey

  21. Hi Mrs. Donofrio
    No I don’t think that Maniac has all the rights children have. One right that Maniac doesn’t have is the privilege to go to school and to receive a good education.
    Do you think Maniac has everything he is entitled to?

  22. Hello Mrs. Donofrio
    I think Malala is a great person. I don’t know her but she seems like she would be a couregeous leader. She is also a role model to anybody that lives in Pakistani. Malala should’t stop and keep fighting for her dream of getting an education.

    And no I do not think Maniac has everything he is entitled to as a kid for example, he never had parents.


  23. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    I think that everyone should have education, no matter what religion or race. I think that we need to tell the Taliban that should let them at least let them learn about some stuff.

  24. Hi Mrs.Donofrio,
    I think that it was amazing how one person could be so brave and inspire so many people. Especially since she was going against her own culture. She knew how much education meant for her and was willing to fight it, even if she died. I thnik Maniac did have most of his rights. He could go to school, and he probably could go to a home ( like a orphanage or child services). He ran away from school, but he did get an education by reading so many books. Of course he didn’t have all of his rights. He also wasn’t forced to live in the Deer and Buffalo pens. It’s not really the governments fault that Maniac won’t go to school. He does have his Human Rights but he doesn’t use them. How do you think life would be in America if we didn’t have our rights? – Ben

  25. Hey Mrs. Donofrio!
    No, I dont think that everyone is getting the rights that they deserve. I think that girls in pakistan should have the right to recieve an education. I heard that Malala has a new book and I am hoping that I will get to read it. I do not think that Maniac has any of the rights he is entitled to under the rights of a child. Do you think that you will read Malala’s new book?

  26. I think that the situation with Malala is very inspiring. She stood up for what she believes in. Its devastating to see that someone would actually shoot somebody else for that reason. I also thought it was amazing how she was so proud to be from Pakistan. Not many people have the courage to stand up for their country and for what they believe in. I do think that Maniac has all the required rights.

  27. Hi Mrs.Donofrio,
    I think that Malala is such a great role model for a person being from Pakistan. She is so strong and brave from what she went through. I think she is being a great inspiration on trying to get the education for girls in Pakistan. Even after all that happened to her, she’s still sticking up for what she believes in and that is wonderful for her. Do you think Malala is doing the right thing about trying to get girls education? For the Maniac question no, I do not think Maniac is entilied to all the rights of a child. He does not have good protection from all discrimination. Even though nothing happened, he was living by himself for a year when he was twelve. Which is probably not the safest thing to do.


  28. Hi Mrs.Donofrio!,
    I do not think all people our getting what they have a right to. We can do something by making people aware of what’s going on. Maniac does not have everything he is entitled to for example a child should have food to eat, a family (not including the Beales) and a stable home to live in.-Sydney

  29. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    One way to stop abortion is telling every one just what their killing. Also as Blythe said we could walk for life, pray every day and hopefully it would stop. It makes me sad hearing that abortion is still happening everyday.
    Wow, Miss Malala is a very brave girl! It’s really sad that she was shot in the head. ITs even more surprising that she survived. I do not think it is fair that these women are not getting the same rights as me. I think she should keep going and never give up I’ll always stick up for her. She is my new role model, I’ll always believe in her. Do you have a special role model?
    I do think that Maniac Magee had all the rights as a child in the end, but in the beginning he did not. He didn’t have an address, family or friends. It must have been very hard for him to live all by himself. I know that I would be able to do that. Thankfully in the end he lives with Amanda.

  30. Hey Mrs.Donofrio,

    I think Malala should be an inspiration to everyone. She stood up and fought for what she wanted. I am glad she is doing better and getting an education.
    I don’t think that Maniac has any rights that a child should have.
    Would you fight for what you wanted, even if that ment dying or getting injured?


  31. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    I don’t think that everyone is getting the rights they deserve. I think that everyone should be able to have an education. It’s so amazing what Malala did so she could have an education. It’s really upsetting that someone would shoot her because of that and she’s only 16 years old. I don’t think that Maniac has everything he is entitled to have under the rights of a child.

  32. Hello Mrs.D. I don’t believe people ,girls especially get treated very well in foreign countries. Sometimes girls are forced to be married and not aloud to be educated. Making this topic important is to talk about it with anyone you meet.The more people who know about this the better.
    I think Malala is really brave sticking up for herself to go to school. If I was her I would be REALLY scared but Malala is a good role model to girls and everyone around the world. Maniac Magee was neglected but now the Beale’s toke Maniac in and now he has a family to call his own. What did you think when Amanda toke Maniac home? See you tomorrow.

  33. Hey
    I have read some of the comment and the ideas are very good. No, I do not think that all tpeople are getting proper treatment or are getting the right they deserve. Malala is setting a good example for herself and all kids older and younger than her.I feel bad about what happened to her but at least she did for the greater good.You go girl! We in America have rights like the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. We should always think about how greatful we are to live in country with rights. We can help other countries like Pakistan by having fundraiser writing leters to people. We can even have a rally. Ohhh and do you notice anything about my avatar that matches my personality?!!


  34. Hey Mrs.Donofrio, I think Malala is very brave to stand up for the right to attend a great school because education is very important.

    I don’t think Maniac has everything he is entitled to have of a child because he doesn’t have a place to call his home.

  35. I think Malala is trying to make a big difference for education for girls in her country. Some people are just disagreeing with her. I think some people are not receiving everything they have a right to receive.

  36. Hi Ms.Donofrio,

    I do not think that all the people on our planet are getting the treatment they deserve because Article 3 says that ” Everybody has the right to life, liberty, and security of person.” But people today are abortioning and and taking lives away.There is a way each one of us can do to promote the rights of all human beings. We can set an example to other people and hopefully other people will do the same. Can you think of a way that we can promote the rights of human beings? I think that Malala was a very brave girl and she promoted what she believed is right. It’s kind of wierd though, people in the U.S. are priveliged enough to go to school and get a wonderul education yet, we complain about it. Than there are people around the world who don’t get the right to eduation and would do anything to swich places with one of us who can. What are your thoughts about Malala? I’m not sure if Maniac has all the rights he is entitled to as a child because he doesn’t have parents and for most of the story he was out on the streets homeless or living in an equipment room. Do you think that Maniac has all that he is entitled to under the rights of a child?

  37. Hey mrs. Donofrio. I’m glad to see that the class is still keeping up with the blogging. What that girl is doing for her country is great and maniac Magee is a really good book. That was one of my favorites. Too bad half of the kid don’t actually read the book. 😉 Yes I know that you’re not supposed to use those text faces on blogs but I thought that it would be appropriate. I wish I still was in your English class. Honors English 9 at mooney is pretty difficult. Not gonna lie. The vocabulary test are hard because all the choices on the multiple choose section are all words that I have never even heard of. But it’s all good. I have a 91 in that class! Have fun blogging and have fun in Disney kids. Oh ya and if your a kids who is planning on doing honors bio next year. You better lean how to study the real way.

    • Hi Mac!
      Thanks for commenting on the blog! We are so glad to have you visit and comment. I know high school is much more intense than middle school, and I appreciate your words of wisdom to those kids who are still in middle school. It seems to be a lesson, though, that each person needs to learn for himself. Congratulations on your A grade in Honors English. That is a great accomplishment. Keep studying biology. Miss Holloran is a wonderful teacher. Not only will you learn biology from her, but you will learn about your own discipline and commitment to learning. Keep reading, writing, studying, and proofreading! You will do just fine. Come back and visit us again!
      God bless you,
      Mrs. Donofrio

  38. I think that Malala was very brave to stand up for the education of girls.
    Maniac Magee does not have all rights to a child like a school education and home.

  39. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,

    I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. When you blow out your candles on your cake what do you wish for? Have an awesome day!


  40. Hi Mrs. Donofrio! Happy birthday! Huzzah wishes you the most fabulous birthday ever! Make sure to wish for something special!
    Have a great day!

  41. Hi Mrs. Donofrio

    Great post but I really would like to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! 🙂
    You should wish for what you would like the most when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake so ya wish for what ever you want.

    Have a great birthday!
    ~ Shayne

  42. Hello ms. donofrio

    Happy birthday I hope you have a nice birthday. You should wish for your students to have blogs as successful as yours.


  43. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    I am a grade 7 student from Ms. Smith’s class. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and I am also going to tell you what I think you should wish for when you blow out those candles. So Happy Birthday! I think what you should wish for is to have a day where there are no mess ups so that today and maybe every day will be some of the best days ever.
    I hope you have a great birthday!

  44. Happy birthday Mrs. Donofrio,
    Huzzah is wishing you the best of birthdays. When you blow out your candles wish for something special. Happy birthday!

  45. happy birthday mrs.Donofrio
    This is huzzah wishing you a happy birthday,when you blow out your candles wish what comes to your mind first.

  46. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Donofrio!

    I have a couple suggestions for what you should wish for:
    LOTS more Birthday Wishes!
    A puppy (obviously)!
    And probably some “Gourmet” dish like avocado Mac ‘n’ Cheese (that’s what adults like, right? If it sounds gross, you guys’ll want it!)

    I hope I have shed some enlightenment on what you TRULY want for your Birthday!
    See ya! \(^.^)z

  47. Hi Mrs. Donofiro,

    Malala is the bravest girl I know! I think she is doing something great by trying to change girls rights. I also think Maniac Magee isn’t getting the rights he deserves. I believe that if we all work together one step at a time, we can have equal rights for everyone.

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