Catholic Schools Week

This week our school, along with 6,684 other Catholic schools around the United States, celebrates the 40th anniversary of Catholic Schools Week.    The theme for this year, and really the model for our schools at all times, is Faith, Knowledge, Service.   All schools strive for knowledge, and I think most schools support service.  Catholic schools also teach about our faith.  So, in addition to learning to blog (knowledge) and organizing a middle school dance to support Water for South Sudan (service), we also go to Mass every week, take religion classes, and pray together daily.

To mark this occasion, let’s connect with some Catholic Schools!  Here is the link to another school named Epiphany.  It is in Miami.   There is also a  school named Epiphany in New York City.  You can visit these schools and write an email to a teacher letting them know something you found interesting about the school.  What do they do differently than we do?  What is similar?

St. John Vianney in Racine, Wisconsin, started this bulletin board on Padlet for schools to share their CSW activities.

Check out their board and see all the fun activities schools have planned for the week.  Some favorites of mine are: Pajama Day,  Spirit Day,  Twin Day,  and Color Day.  Visit the website of St. Raymond School in Joliet and write an email, or read one of the student blogs at St. John Vianney and leave a quality comment.

If you’d like, visit our blogging buddies in Mrs. Krebb’s class.  They attend a Catholic school in the Midwest.  Read one of their posts and leave a quality comment.

You can also leave a post-it note on our wall.  Sometimes we need little reminders about what’s good at school.  Leave a note on our wall as a pick-me-up for whenever we need it most.

How does your school promote knowledge, service, and perhaps faith?

Buddy Day

Grade 7 and their kindergarten buddies made cards for our soldiers on Buddy Day of Catholic Schools Week. Using the website, we found an address for a group of 54 soldiers serving in Afganistan. Together we sent prayers and gratitude around the world to our service men and women.

We also had some time to play together and make snacks of fifty items, 10 pieces of 5 different items (pretzels, marshmallows, etc.) We had a fun day! Thank you to Mrs. Stuart and Mrs. Guarino for organizing our visit. We hope to get together again.

What are some ways you show appreciation to others?

Buddy Day on PhotoPeach