Book Talk Cafe

Dear Students and Parents,

 Rather than collecting book reports this month, I will host a Book Talk Café.   One of my goals is to develop students who are lifelong readers.  As an adult, after I have read a book, I like to talk about it with others who may find it interesting.  I also like to hear about books that my friends have read.  Book Talk Café will involve learning about the art of conversation.

 Here are some ideas I might share in a conversation about books.    

Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via Compfight cc Free Cup of Coffee and Flowers at Daybreak Creative Commons

  •  Title and author
  • Interesting information about the author, including other books he/she wrote
  • Genre
  • Where and when the book is set
  • Why I picked the book up in the first place
  • What I thought about the author’s writing
  • What characters I liked and didn’t like
  • What parts of the plot I thought were exciting
  • What parts of the plot I thought were unrealistic
  • What I learned from the story
  • Whether or not I liked this book and why

 You should think about how you would answer these questions for the book you read this month.

 It’s also nice to have something to eat while you are enjoying conversation with your friends.  Of course, eating with others has its own etiquette.  In addition to practicing the art of conversation, we will also practice good manners.   Dining in a pleasant atmosphere adds to the enjoyment of the food and conversation.   I will provide some decorations for our café, some simple refreshments, and a brief overview of appropriate manners for conversation and dining.  If any parents would be interested in supplementing our menu, we would all be appreciative.  Please let me know via your child, through email, or as a blog comment.

 Our Book Talk Café will take place on Thursday, March 21st

 Thank you so much!


~Mrs. Donofrio