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Hey Kids!

Through the wonder of blogging, we have found a great new class!  Mrs. Rombach and her readers, whom we have visited a bit in the past, have sent us some prompts so that we can write interactive stories with them.

How cool is that?  (Mrs. Rombach has also shared a very creative and fun method of working on vocabulary, but I will save that secret for another day.  Teachers are required by Teacher Law #65113 not to allow too much fun into any one day.)

So today, we can finish a story that has been started by a member of Mrs. Rombach’s class.  We also get to share prompts with her middle schoolers at Eagle Ridge Middle School in Ashburn, Virginia.

So let’s put on our author hats, and get writing!  Perhaps one of us will be the next Graham Salisbury.  You never know what the future holds.


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One thought on “Writing with Mrs. Rombach Reads

  1. Hello Mrs. Donofrio and the Hey Kids! bloggers-

    Your story prompts are ready for my student writers. We can’t wait to get started! Like you, I’ve created a blog post that includes a Google document with all of your writing prompts. Sadly, you can’t see them–but you can trust that they’re there and ready to be claimed by a host of sixth graders. Once we’ve posted our responses to your writing challenges, watch for links on your blogs.

    Thanks for all of the awesome ideas. 🙂 We’ll be in touch soon with our blog posts–brilliantly inspired by you.

    Mrs. Rombach from Virginia

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