Facts in Five

Have you ever played the game Facts in Five?

facts in five

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Facts in Five is a GREAT game for those who like to challenge their minds, compete with their friends, and have fun.  That’s pretty much everyone, right?  

This past month, we have learned some great facts from five different sources.  Special guests visited our class this month, both in person and via Skype, to share scientific, historical, and cinematic information with us that added to our understanding and enjoyment of novels we have read.  In addition, we began writing our own informational texts, again inspired by our novels, to broaden our knowledge base in scientific areas.

Here are five categories each with some information that helps us learn more about books that we read.



What type of rock decays underground to form a sinkhole? (Click on the photo below to find out!)

Geologist David Brown explains sinkholes to us after we read about them in the novel Tangerine.


In what state does the story Under the Blood Red Sun take place? (Click on the photo below to find out!)

Movie producer Dana Hankins and author Graham Salisbury visit via Skype to share information about creating a film from the novel Under the Blood Red Sun.

Movie producer Dana Hankins and author Graham Salisbury visit via Skype to share information about creating a film from the novel Under the Blood Red Sun.


What sport has the highest concussion rate for its participants?


Who wrote Up From Slavery?


What  type of plagiarism is common and most severe in intent?


Did you get all five facts?

See if you can stump us!  Leave a question in our comment box and check the box that indicates you would like to receive follow up comments.  Let the games begin!

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20 thoughts on “Facts in Five

  1. Hey Mrs. Donofrio,
    I did get all the answers correct. Now here’s my question. What two states have the same city name Las Vegas?
    P.S- I loved playing Facts on Five with you last year.

  2. Hey Mrs. Donofrio! FACTS ON FIVE IS MY FAVORITE GAME EVER!!!!!!!!! When you first introduced it in our class I was so super excited! I also really enjoyed all of the great presentations from Mr. Brown and Graham Salisbury. Here are the answers to the questions: 1. limestone 2. Hawaii 3. Football 4. Booker T. Washington 5. I couldn’t really find this one but if I was to make an educated guess, I would choose #1 The Clone. No, I didn’t get all five facts but I tried my best! I hope this question isn’t too easy. Which plant blooms for just a single night each year? Hope to blog you later!!

    Love, Hannah

  3. Hey Kids!
    Great job on the five facts! You are all correct. Also, you have all succeeded in stumping me. I don’t know the answers to ANY of your trivia questions! I will have to do some research, just as I have asked you to do this week for your informational texts. The only question I know the answer to a little bit is Matthew’s about Las Vegas, but I only know half the answer. I know that one Las Vegas is in Nevada (I guess pretty much everyone knows that), but I have no idea where a second Las Vegas is. I will do some research and see if I can find any of your answers. A job well done, kids! See how brilliant you are?
    ~Mrs. Donofrio

  4. Trivia question: What was the car that Dominic Toreto ( or what ever his name was ) drove in the end of The Fast and the Furious?

  5. Dear,Facts in Five
    just wanted to comment love your post and some of the pictures you post.

    Please follow me at Bremen Middle School Career Center.

    Thank you again.

  6. Dear Hey Kids!,
    Hey, I’m Ali N. I think this is a great game for kids to play, and it looks really fun. It challenges kids to learn in a way that’s fun for them. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of it, but I’ll definitely introduce it to our teachers. Visit my class’s blog at: bmscareercenter.edublogs.com.
    Ali N.

    • Hi Toby,
      Thank you for visiting our blog! We would love to visit your blog, too. I will do so this weekend, and I’ll make sure to have my students stop by on Tuesday. That is the day we go to our computer lab to blog. Have you ever played Facts in Five? What is your favorite game?
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  7. Hi Mrs. Donofrio-

    I love the way you’ve challenged your students to stump you with trivia. Brilliant!! I spent some time last night scrolling through your blog posts, and I am so very impressed by how you’re integrating your class blog into so many of your lessons. I’m inspired! Our school just started BYOT so the devices are only now starting to stream in. We’re having a blast with http://www.polleverywhere.com.. Have you used that yet? My students are thrilled that everyone has the opportunity to comment or share their work in a matter of minutes.

    In addition to sending out high praise, I wanted to let your know that your students should be receiving comments from my students sometime today. That’s an assignment for all three classes. If you notice someone isn’t receiving comments, please let me know and I’ll make sure that my last class of the day reaches out to them.

    Happy weekend!
    Mrs. Rombach from Virginia

    • Hello Mrs. Rombach,
      Thank you so much for your kind words and for your suggestion about http://www.polleverwhere.com. I have not used that site yet, but will check it out this weekend thanks to your recommendation. I have just returned from a three day conference in Orlando where I presented about blogging and, of course, attended a number of presentations as well. It’s always energizing to see how other teachers approach their craft, which is one of the reasons I love blogging so much. We have the opportunity to visit other classrooms around the world everyday, all for the low, low, low price of a blog. Just can’t beat that!
      While I was at the conference, the rest of our school was on spring break (I was technically on break, too, but a working break for me!) so my students may not have noticed all your comments, yet. Some of them, I’m sure will be attentive to their blogs over the vacation, but others won’t see the comments until we return on Monday. I will make sure to alert them, and I’m sure they will be thrilled to have not only visitors, but commenters. I did leave a note for Srihitha’s Sweet Treats yesterday as I found a lovely comment on our blog and wanted to respond. I will make sure to pop over to your class blog this weekend, too. I bet I will find some good recommendations for summer reading while I am there!
      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Do you have access to Skype? We are having a Birthday Party for Shakespeare on April 23rd and would love to have you visit with us during our party. Let us know if that is something you’d be interested in doing.
      Have a great rest of your weekend!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  8. Hi Mrs.Donofrio-

    I missed your comment about the Shakespeare birthday party, but I did read all about your celebration. It sounds as though your class had an amazing experience getting up close and personal with the Bard. While we missed the chance to Skype for this particular celebration, we’d love to connect our classrooms soon. We have SOLs, our state’s standardized tests, in mid May. After that, let’s plan to connect. Maybe we could share our poetry or book talks.

    Let me know what you think!

    Mrs. Martha Rombach

    • Hello Mrs. Rombach,
      We would love to connect with you, and late May sounds great to us. We have final exams the week before Memorial Day, but the week following would be fantastic! I will follow up on your blog. Looking forward to seeing you and your students!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

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