A Fair Welcome to the Season

Huzzah!  Huzzah!  

Welcome one and all to the most merry of occasions, the annual Medieval Fair!  By decree of the Queen, we again host jousters, jugglers, jesters, mummers, dancers, artisans, and merchants of all sorts who will entertain, amuse and beguile you with their trades.  Come along with us and see from start to finish the makings of a Medieval Fair worthy of the court of the finest nobility in the land.

Medieval Fair 2015 on PhotoPeach

Do you have any shopping or entertainment traditions for the holiday season? What do you do at school or at home to celebrate the winter holidays?

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23 thoughts on “A Fair Welcome to the Season

  1. Dear Mrs.Donofrio,

    I have shopping traditions for the holiday seasons with my family we get a lot of food: turkey, ham, cranberry sauce and lots more! We get a Christmas tree, and make cookies like chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. Sometimes we might sing Christmas carols! Do you sing Christmas carols with your family and friends?

  2. For traditions like at christmas we eat the special meal called kutia but Christmas in Ukraine is on January 7th but at school we celebrate medieval fair wich os really cool we had it last Tuesday and I very liked it. This medieval fair was my first in this school and it was great. What do you do for Christmas

  3. Hi, Mrs. Donofrio
    For the winter holidays our family comes together and we all bring in gifts and we get to pick one. After that, we would get partners and then compet in computations.”it was really fun every one got prizes even if they didn’t win.”
    So I’m just wondering if you have family battles like one kid and a ant or little stuff like that just makes your family your family?

  4. Hello Lady Donofrio,

    The medieval fair was so AWESOME! I had so much fun. Well, one thing I do at home is we open our family presents before my family goes to bed on Christmas Eve. Also, ( I’m sure everyone does this) my family goes to 6:00 p.m mass on Christmas Eve. Christmas is such a good holiday. What was your favorite thing about the medieval fair? What do you do on Christmas or Christmas Eve with you family?

    P.S Wish good luck to Mr. Donofrio.

    ~ Connor

    • Hey Mrs. Donofrio,

      For the holiday seasons around Christmas we go get our Christmas tree🎄. I really really love Christmas! At home to celebrate the holidays we normally go to my grandmas house and she makes pasta. Mm..mm. mm I love my grandmas pasta. Lasagna is normally what she makes and that’s what its always been so that’s another tradition. When we get home I get to open one present its the same basically every year, pajamas. They say my name on them there different pajamas of course. That’s what we do on Christmas eve and before Christmas. What do you do before Christmas and on Christmas eve?

      Your student,

  5. For our Christmas traditions Mommy and I don’t only leave cookies and milk for Santa but we also leave carrots and water for the reindeer. Do you ever leave anything for Santa’s reindeer?

  6. Hello Mrs. Donofrio

    No I don’t. We go visit family in North Carolina. We also do secret Santa at my house for Christmas. Every Christmas Eve my family and I open at least one present.

  7. I do have a bunch of holiday traditions. My classmates will be able to know my traditions but for those who aren’t in my class here are a few of my traditions.

    We always get set up at thanksgiving, have fires up to Christmas and after, on Christmas right after Santa Claus comes we all go open up our presents by the tree and then we sleep for a while. Later that day we eat turkey or ham at either our restaurant or house.

    Two days after Christmas is my birthday so that’s always included in the tradition. For my birthday we go out to eat ,I spend time with friends, open my presents, and sometimes I have a sleepover on the 26th.

  8. Hello,

    I really liked your blog post, and I especially liked the medieval fair! Even though I was on crutches it was the best medieval fair yet, because I got to run a stand for the first time in my whole life.

    Yes I do have a holiday shopping tradition, and it is at my school. Every year I go Christmas shopping at my schools Santa shop and I buy my family some gifts.

    Do you have a shopping tradition?

  9. Wow! Mrs.Donofrio I really love the Video!!! I’m so sad that it was my last year at doing the Medieval Fair. I had lots of fun though. The play that we did was one of the best and the people in our class that were there did a great job with all the last minute changes.To answer your question yes our family LOVES to watch the Halmark and Abc channel around Christmas time because of all the wonderful holly jolly movies! I also love to bake and wrap Christmas presents during the holidays. It was funny last year because Pedro, Rachel, and my dad asked me to wrap all of their gifts they were giving people (they looked fabulous). Have you baked or watched any Halmark movies yet? Hope to blog you later!!!
    Love, Hannah

  10. Dear Mrs.Donofrio,
    No we don’t have a traditions for shopping or entertainment. We don’t really do any thing special for the holidays. My whole family would all meet at my ants house and have a some family time. It seems boring but it’s alot of fun. We run around and play. Most times I would play with my youngest cousin, we had so much fun. It was my favorite thing to do was play with my youngest cousin.Then we would open our presents. But now that I moved down here we just sit by the christmas tree open our presents and talk. That’s what I do for the holiday. My favorite part of Christmas is sitting around the christmas tree and talk to my family. What’s your favorite part of the holiday and why?

  11. Dear Mrs. Donofrio,
    No we do not have a traditions for shopping or entertainment. We do not really do anything special for the holidays. My whole family would all meet at my aunt’s house and have some family time. It seems boring but it is a lot of fun. We run around and play. Most times, I would play with my youngest cousin. We had so much fun. It was my favorite thing to do was play with my youngest cousin. Then we would open our presents. Now that I moved down here we just sit by the Christmas tree open our presents and talk. That’s what I do for the holiday. My favorite part of Christmas is sitting around the Christmas tree and talking to my family. What’s your favorite part of the holiday and why?
    Lizzy Finn

  12. Hey Mrs. Donofrio,
    My traditions at my house are baking cookies, setting up all the Christmas decorations, putting up lights, and most of all putting up the Christmas tree. And for the shopping I really don’t have a tradition. And at school we do the Santa shop, decorating the halls, and having a Christmas party. At home we basically just do all my traditions. Do you have any holiday traditions?
    Your student and fellow blogger,

  13. Hey Mrs.Donofrio,
    I love this post! I have always loved being a part of the medieval fair every year since sixth grade. Since I am in eighth grade now, this was my last medieval fair and it was so much fun. To answer your first questions I do have a Christmas tradition/ Thanksgiving tradition that I do every year. After Thanksgiving dinner we always put our Christmas tree up. We don’t ever have time on Thanksgiving to put ortanaments on the tree because we don’t want to miss all the sales on Black Friday. We usually do the decorating the day after Thanksgiving. Last but not least the answer to your second question is I do a lot of decorating, shopping, and baking to celebrate Christmas.

    Do you do any baking to celebrate Christmas?



  14. Hey Mrs. Donofrio,
    I really liked your video! I had alot of fun preparing and actually being a part of the fair! To answer your questions, yes I do so many things during the holiday season that it would take a whole tree to write them down, so I’m just going to say two. Around Christmas, my family and I go to a house in Laurel Nokomis that is all lit up with Christmas lights. The family lets you walk around and look at all the lights. The second thing we do as a family is on Christmas Eve we all sit on the couch and my dad reads “The Night Before Christmas” to us as we sip hot cocoa. To answer the second question, the whole school colors paper ornaments and puts them on the Advent trees in Church. An adult takes an ornament from the tree and buys a present for someone who dosen’t get presents on Christmas.
    What are some of your Christmas family traditions?

  15. Hello Mrs. Donofrio!
    The Medieval Fair was a wonderful way to kick of this wonderful Christmas season, wasn’t it? I enjoyed it and was very glad that we could host if this year. Not even rain could stop us!
    Our family has many traditions, of course including the usual family traditions like getting a tree and putting up lights and all that wonderful Christmassy stuff. We usually go get the tree together, decorate it as a family (and, of course, accidentally breaking a few ornaments in the process), and hang the lights together. Some traditions that we do as a family include: opening one present on Christmas Eve, leaving our shoes out by the tree (in the morning there is candy in them!), and making a lot of videos on Dad’s camera. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
    Usually at home on the holidays, we put on music, turn the lights on the tree on, and make Christmassy foods. We decorate a much as possible. Just today, I helped my mom pick out a mini Christmas tree for her office, we even got mini ornaments for it! Tomorrow, I am going to help her decorate it. What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Do you like to help decorate?
    ~ Katie

  16. Hi Mrs.Donofrio,
    To answer your questions, my family does have an entertainment tradition. Since Chirstmas is coming up this will pretain to a Christmas answer. We normally host a dinner at my grandparents house and eat delicious foods. Some of those foods are my favorites: smoked ham, corn, dinner roles, and especially the greenbean and bacon pot. At school we celebrate holidays by making Chirstmas tree ornaments or by singing in the Chirstmas concert. How do you celebrate a holiday?

  17. Hi, Mrs. Donofrio!
    I loved the Medieval Fair this year, it was a very different perspective from third grade. I had the other point of view as a third grader and a different one as an eighth grader. In third grade, I bought things with pennies and played the games, my favorite part was the play. The middle schoolers then were so into it and funny, it was the best time ever. This year, it was TOTALLY different because we had the other point of view running the fair. Running stands are actually a lot of work because I had one of the busiest stands: crowns. Johnny was also penny person, she was my partner for the crowns also. My brother would not leave my stand! He was annoying because he just stood there!! The plays were kind of stressful because the main character and two other boys and we had to find someone to take their places. On a scale of 1-10, how stressful was the fair for you? Or was it stressful at all?
    Some traditions I have for Christmas include having all of the 21 grandchildren, 6 uncles, 6 aunts, and my grandparents’ stockings up all together! It is a very difficult task if I said so myself because there are a total of 35 stockings that have to go up under one mantel. I’m not going to give you too much of my Christmas traditions because of the oral report! Do you have any Christmas traditions that have been in your family for a long time?


  18. Hi Mrs.Donofrio
    My mom usually does the shopping for all of the holidays. I have a big family so I don’t really know who shops for my nieces and nephews. My mom is the spending machine, especially when she has a credit card in her hand. We usually don’t have any winter traditions besides our “Pickle Tradition” which you probably know of. It is where someone hides a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree and whoever can find it is the first to open one of their presents.

    ~ Carson

  19. Hello Mrs. Donofrio.

    Yes I do have a some traditions. Every Thanksgiving I go up to my dads and we have a huge dinner and watch movies together. For Christmas my mom, stepdad and I all go up to my babcia’s on Christmas Eve (grandma in polish) for a traditional polish dinner. After we eat the kids open up one present. What traditions do you have?

  20. Hey Mrs. Donofrio,

    Yesterday My comment wouldn’t go through so I just took a screenshot. One of our family traditions is on Christmas Eve. My mom makes seven types of fishes. It is an Italian tradition. We also usually make cookies while we are decorating the tree. My favorite tradition is the Italian one. Usually she makes seafood fried diablo which is pasta with all sorts of fish and is spicy. For shopping we really don’t have traditions. What are your traditions for Christmas or shopping.

  21. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    I loved the medieval fair, and all the plays. Thanks for doing it for us. My favorite Christmas tradition that we do is go and take a golf-cart drive around my Nana’s neighborhood. One time I drove the golf-cart and hit a bunch of rocks. After we’re done with that we go home to our Nana’s house and unwrap presents. Then I usually go to my Dad’s house and we unwrap even more presents. Then on Christmas Day we go home, and unwrap even more presents. Then I usually just go in my room, and play my new games. What’s your favorite Christmas traditions?

  22. Hi Mrs.Donofrio,
    Every Christmas I either go to see my sister in Texas or my family in Chicago. But we are always home in time for Christmas to open present as a family. I think of that as an entertainment tradition. At school we decorate the trees in the church and we color the ornaments to put on the tree to help the children in need. At home we always have a certain order that we follow in the morning. The stockings first, then the wrapped presents and finally we eat breakfast. After breakfast we usually stay in our pajamas as long as possible. Considering we wake up so early for Christmas by the time we are done opening presents and eating breakfast it is only 8:00 am.

    Now we somehow get away from the tv and actually get dressed for the day. We then go onto the island to look at all the festivities. Sometimes we take my dog on the island with us. I think my dog loves Christmas because he gets treated like a prince. He gets all new toys and treats all day. Are your Christmas traditions similar to mine? If so how?

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