Exploring the Middle Ages

For the past seven years, our middle school students have hosted a Medieval Fair for our entire school.  We read literature pertaining to the Middle Ages, study the history of the time period, and then put our knowledge to use by creating a town fair, complete with jousting tournaments, swordplay, dramatic presentations, juggling, stilt walking, music, and of course, booths of food and wares.

In our blogging adventures, we have noticed that Mr. Miller and his class at Chalone Peaks Middle School in King City, California, also study this era in history, but in a very different way.  They bring a modern twist to the Middle Ages by recreating Medieval villages through Minecraft.  (Click on the photo to visit Mr. Miller.)

Mr. Miller's Medieval Minecraft

Mr. Miller’s Medieval Minecraft

Mr. Chiu’s class at Aldergove Public School in Ontario, Canada, also studied the Middle Ages.  They created 3D models and made oral presentations. Visit Mr. Chiu’s class by clicking on the photo.

A 3D model of a castle in Mr. Chiu's class

A 3D model of a castle in Mr. Chiu’s class

The Year 6 students at Tirlebrook Primary School in Gloucestershire, U.K.,  took a field trip for a Magnificent Medieval Day this past July.  You can watch them in action in a slide show on their blog.

Elder Tree student playing a game of 9 Men's Morris

Elder Tree student playing a game of 9 Men’s Morris

Of course, you can see how we celebrate by visiting any of our archived posts listed under Medieval Fair.

In 1271, a young Marco Polo sailed from his home in Venice, Italy, to exotic lands in the Far East, bringing back tales of his adventures.   Like the Venetian explorer from the Middle Ages, you can visit other far off classrooms to discover how their studies of the Medieval Era are similar to and different from ours and then write about your travels in a comment or post.  Start a conversation with another class who is also studying the Medieval time period.  

In addition to blogs, you can visit some cool websites as well!

Medieval Music

Everything Medieval

Happy traveling!  


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3 thoughts on “Exploring the Middle Ages

  1. Huzzah Mrs. Donofrio and students!

    I hope you all are having a great time in school! I miss you guys very much and I especially miss learning about medieval times. This year I will try to came to the medieval fair. If I can make it I hope you will give me some BIG hugs! If any of you kids need help in school I would be happy to tutor you or answer any questions. Have a great year!

    Brooke M
    (Former student)

  2. Thanks, Brooke! It is great to see you on our blog. Although you aren’t currently learning about the Medieval Times this year, I bet you are learning a lot of other really interesting material. What are you reading in your English class?
    Sending virtual hugs your way!
    ~Mrs. Donofrio

    • Hello again! I have just recently finished reading “The Odyssey” and we have been doing a LOT of grammer. What we are now reading “The Raven”. Have you read it ?What did you read this year in mythology? I have to go now see you soon!


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