Georgia on My Mind

Stone Mountain, Georgia Generals Lee and Jackson, and Confederate President Jefferson Davis

Stone Mountain, Georgia
Generals Lee and Jackson, and Confederate President Jefferson Davis

Hey Kids,

On our last day in Atlanta, we visited Stone Mountain, a place intriguing for its geology, history, and entertainment.  Aside from hiking to the top of the mountain, we tried a ropes course and rock climbing, visited an antebellum village, took a train ride, played miniature golf, saw a 4-D movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and watched a laser/fireworks show.  It was a busy and fun day.

One of the first books we’ll read when school resumes next month (aaaggghhhh!), is The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg.  Written by Newbery Award winning author Rodman Philbrick, this historical fiction takes us on a journey from Maine to Pennsylvania during the Civil War.  As evidenced in its carving, Stone Mountain takes a look at the Civil War and its effects on the South.  It’s interesting for a Yankee like me to see the War Between the States from a different perspective.  While I was there, I also began reading one of my favorite books, Gone With the Wind.  

DSCN1926These two photos depict the inside and outside of a typical slave home prior to the Civil War.  They reminded me of the homes Elijah’s parents would have grown up in.  For those who have read Elijah of Buxton,what differences do you notice between the houses in Buxton and these houses in Georgia?


We had a great day at Stone Mountain and in Atlanta.  We also visited the Coke Museum, the Georgia Aquarium, the Etowah Archeological Site, Centennial Park, and lots of baseball fields while we were in the Peach State.

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Stone Mountain, Georgia

What are you doing on your summer vacation?




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2 thoughts on “Georgia on My Mind

  1. Wow that sounds really fun! My sister also went to Atlanta, Georgia and conquered Stone Mountain with her boyfriend. She was also going to go to the Coke Museum but there was no time left. To answer your question I really didn’t do too much during this summer. When My uncle came down we went jet skiing, shopping, and yacking. Yacking is kayaking and paddle boarding in one. I’ll see you soon.

    Love, Hannah P.S. I got new glasses!!!

    • Hi Hannah,
      I can’t wait to see you in your new glasses! I bet they are quite stylish. I have never heard of yacking before. I thought perhaps it had something to do with the Sherpas on Mount Everest! I’m looking forward to hearing all about it. I tried paddle boarding for the first time this summer. It was fun! Hello to your family for me.
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

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