Summer Reading!

Relaxation, Recreation,  and Reading!

What are you reading this summer?  

On our first day of vacation, I drove with my family to Books-A-Million to meet author, neurosurgeon, and potential presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson.  Much to my joy, four of my students were also at the book store on the first day of their summer vacations for the same reason I was; they came to meet Dr. Carson and get his book.  We had watched Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story in class this past week in 6th grade and at Christmas time in 7th grade.  I was so impressed that my students went home talking about the movie with their parents and that together they decided to meet Ben Carson in person.  When their parents had asked, “What did you do in school today?”  the kids answered, “We watched a great movie about Dr. Ben Carson.”  Good job, kids!  

Outside Books-A-Million with the Ben Carson tour bus

Outside Books-A-Million with the Ben Carson tour bus


Ben Carson's summer book tour

Ben Carson’s summer book tour

My students also used this time to buy some of their summer reading books; at least one of them walked out of the store with Avi’s Nothing But the Truth, a documentary novel.

I’m planning to read A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599 by James Shapiro this summer.  Usually I am consumed with middle school fare, so I am looking forward to reading this adult book.  I also have Creating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney by Lee Cockerell on my nightstand.  Dr. Carson’s One Nation has made it to my list also, so I am ready to read for the next few weeks.  

What are you reading this summer?  

How do you read your books:  ebook?  paper copy?  library?  own?  

Where do you read:  beach?  bed?  bus?  favorite chair?  

Leave a review as a comment.  All my students get extra credit as part of their summer reading for a well-written review.  We’d love to get new ideas for great books!  You can visit my Shelfari page, too, to see some of my favorites.  

Happy reading!

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10 thoughts on “Summer Reading!

  1. Dear Mrs. Donofrio,
    I am currently reading a series called Pegasus by Kate O’Hearn. It is a really great series about a girl named Emily who finds Pegasus on her roof top. In the series the CRU (Central Research Unit) have done a lot of damage to Olympians. For example in the first book they capture three olympians in one month! In the series Emily, Pegasus, and their friends must fight the CRU to help save Olympus. If you like Greek mythology I recommend you read this series.
    The books I read are either paper backs or ebooks. I like to read in bed, in the car, or in my favorite chair. What kind of books do you like to read and where is your favorite place to read?

    • Hi Brianne,
      Thank you for your comment! I know lots of kids who like to read about Greek mythology, so I’m sure this series will interest quite a few of our classmates and blogging buddies. I imagine you have read the Percy Jackson books, too. However, if not, I know you will like that modern day Greek mythology series, as well.
      I take my book with me and read whenever I have a few moments to pass. Today I read at the baseball field between innings, in my car while waiting for soccer practice to end, and in the kitchen while waiting for the lasagna noodles to boil. I will probably end the day by reading in bed for a little while.
      How did you find the Pegasus series? Was it recommended to you or did you stumble upon it by accident? How do you decide what books you will read?
      Happy reading!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  2. Hi Mrs.Donofrio,
    I like to read at all those places! I usually own the books so I can read them more than once. Where do you do your reading? How are the books you are reading this summer coming along? Have you finished any yet?

    This summer I have read the Maze Runner series by James Dashner. It is an amazing trilogy full of adventure. It is about a young boy named Thomas who is sent into the maze with his memories erased and knows nothing but his name. He later finds out that he was sent to the maze by a group of scientist trying to save the world from a deathly disease called the Flare. The Flare causes you to lose your mind and it happens slowly but if you are stressed or worried it causes it to work faster.

    Some people are immune to the illness. They are targeted by scientist who are trying to figure out why their brains aren’t effected by the disease. Thomas is caught between escaping the scientist who are trying to find a cure or staying with them and possibly finding a solution. It is an amazing book series! I don’t want to give to much away but if my review sounded interesting you should read it to find out how it ends! There is a prequel to the series that I’m reading right now and it’s also full of twists and turns. I give the books five stars.

    Hope you are having a great summer! I will be sending postcards soon.-Sydney

    • Hi Sydney,
      Your book certainly sounds exciting. I can imagine it as a movie, too. The topic of the novel is such a dreadful concept to consider, isn’t it? Most people are stressed and worried at least some of the time, and fearing the loss of your mind would make even more people stressed and worried! It would be a vicious cycle. How did you come across this book? Was it recommended to you?
      Mitch just finished Change Up, a book about two kids who write sports articles for the newspaper and they stumble upon a strange story while covering the World Series. He read that book a lot while we were driving to and from Atlanta, and he told me I should read it, too. Brianne also offered me a suggestion in a comment on this post, so I am receiving lots of good picks for my book list.
      I am still reading Gone With the Wind; it’s a long book, close to 1,000 pages. I am about 2/3 of the way through. I finished a book I started earlier in the summer about a girl who plays on a boys’ baseball team. She is the pitcher and can throw knuckleballs. The title of that one is The Girl Who Threw Butterflies.
      I wrote about all the places I like to read in a comment to Brianne on this same post, so you can check there for the answer to your question!
      I’m glad to see you blogging over the summer, and I am looking forward to your postcards! Keep enjoying the summer. I will see you soon!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  3. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    One of my summer reading books was “The Raft” by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen. The story is about a girl name Robie who is living in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her aunt let her stay by herself Robie gets scared so she books a flight back to the Mainland in USA. While on the plane, Max the pilot noticed something was wrong with the plane so he tells her to pull the cord on the raft when he says go. When she does he pushes her off the plane while he jumps with her. They land in the water and she has to go through difficult times while in the raft on the water while Max is sleeping…..I think anyone who reads this does not want me to go any further! They should read the book and find out what happens NEXT!! It was an AWESOME book! I bought this book at our school’s scholastic book fair. My favorite place to read is in our Florida room at our house in my special chair, especially when Buster falls asleep at my feet! Have you ever read “The Raft”? Do you like books that other people recommend or do you like to discover your own favorite books? Hope your having a good summer! See you soon, Reanne

    • Hi Reanne,
      I have not read The Raft, but I have seen it at the library and on a lot of book lists this summer. I think it is one of the Sunshine State Summer Reading books, and I also think one of the kids last year did a book report on it…maybe Abby. I’m glad you are enjoying it!
      I like to read books that have been recommended to me by people who know what I like to read! It’s sort of the same way I feel about food. I am not a seafood lover, so if someone tells me a shrimp dish is awesome, I know I will probably not like it too much, even if it is the best shrimp dish on the planet. Same idea with books. I am not a huge fan of fantasy, so if someone recommends an award-winnning book in the fantasy genre, I am a bit skeptical, even though it may very well be an outstanding book.
      Enjoy the rest of your vacation! See you soon. Hello to Brooke and Buster!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  4. Hi Mrs. Donofrio. I have been reading many of Carl Hiaasen’s books this year. I like his books because tey are always written about Florida places.This summer I read SCAT. It was not as good as I thought it would be but I can’t wait for SKINK to come out in September.

    SCAT is about a panther that got scared off and left her cub behind in the Black Vine Swamp. There was a company that was doing illegal drilling and they shot at the panther becase they knew if an endangered panther was on the property their illegal drilling would be discovered.

    See you in school next week.Eric

    • Hi Eric,
      It’s great to see you writing on the blog! I loved receiving your postcards, too. It sounds like you are having a wonderful summer. Although I have read many book reports on Carl Hiaasen novels, I have yet to ready any myself. I think I did see one that had been made into a movie, although the title escapes me now. Perhaps Hoot? I’m not sure. Have you read many of his books?
      I head into school for my first official day tomorrow. I will have everything ready by the time you arrive next week. I am looking forward to having you in 7th grade homeroom! Until then, keep sailing!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  5. Dear Mrs.Donofrio,
    I have been having a fantastic summer.How has your summer been? I read the Red Kayak and I enjoyed the story a lot. I thought it was very interesting and well written.I’m not going to give spoilers but it is about a thirteen year old boy named Jacob his father is a waterman on the Chesapeake Bay where they live and the very hard decision he has to make. To find out the rest you will have to read it.I would suggest this book to others because even though we had to read it for our project I would definitely read it again because it kept the reader interested.

    I have also read Ruby’s Slippers By: Tricia Rayburn and Are You There God It’s Me Margaret By: Judy Blume and I am now reading From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs.Basil E. Frankweiler By: E.l. Konigsburg. See you very soon

    • Hi Sophia!
      I’m so glad to find you on our blog. I’m glad you liked Red Kayak. It’s one of my favorite books to discuss with kids. I think all middle school kids, like the main character, Brady, have difficult decisions regarding friends.
      I’m looking forward to seeing you in class in a couple of days!
      By the way, did you see your picture in the Venice Gondolier yesterday? They ran a photo of our summer book club meeting.
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

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