Tot gauw

We love Mrs. Etz!

We love Mrs. Etz!

Our beloved middle school math teacher is leaving us tomorrow.  For the past two years Mrs. Etz has taught our middle schoolers algebra and geometry with aplomb.  She has enticed them to solve equations, find the circumference, and follow PEMDAS through MobyMath, Math Counts, Math Tutoring, Math Class, and Carlene’s Cookies.  Her energy and patience know no bounds.  She is strict and kind, humble and inspiring, humorous and serious, loving and loved.  No one will ever fill her shoes.  Because we cannot bear to say “doeg”, we will say, “vaarwel” and “tot gauw”.   God bless you on your journey, Mrs. Etz.  We love you.

What is your favorite memory with Mrs. Etz?

last day of school 2014 017

Thank you, Mrs. Etz!

Thank you, Mrs. Etz!

last day of school 2014 004

last day of school 2014 010

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4 thoughts on “Tot gauw

  1. Hi, I was a student from the Skype with Mrs.Emericks class! I know we all enjoyed skyping you. I had a wonderful time and so did everyone else on my part! Thanks for taking time to Skype us!

    • We had a great time Skyping your class, too, Vicky! We will have to do it again next year, although I imagine you will not have Mrs. Emerick again. My students have me for their language arts teacher for all three years of middle school, but I know most schools don’t do that. Have a wonderful summer. I will keep checking out your blog, and I bet some of my students will, too.
      Mrs. Donofrio

  2. Dear Mrs.Donofrio,
    Seeing Mrs.Etz leave was very sad. I was crying buckets and buckets of tears. It was very sad, but she will always be there in our heart!:)

    • We will miss you, too, Lauren. We will all be in each other’s hearts! Happy summer to you, too! Keep reading and keep blogging!

      Love, Mrs. Donofrio

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