The Power of a Smile

Every day our principal, Mrs. Kroll, asks us to be Jesus for someone.  Today, one of our seventh grade students, her two brothers, and their parents exemplified this idea magnificently.  While rolling coins from their change jar, they decided to donate half the rolls to The Smile Train, a charity the middle schoolers support due to our reading about a character with cleft palate.   Half of the coins amounted to $73.50.  That is nearly one-third of the total cost of surgery for one child.

The power of a smile is contagious.  What can you do to make someone smile?  How can you be Jesus for someone today?

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4 thoughts on “The Power of a Smile

  1. Hi Mrs.Donofrio,
    I just got a very important person to come to my blog: Miss W!!!! She commented on my Disney post and I just had to tell you. So I decided to leave you a comment. I am so excited!! I replied to her and then I came straight here to tell you. I had to tell you as soon as possible. I’m sorry it wasn’t on the subject. I also got a mentor for the Student Blogging Challenge. See you in school!!

    • Lauren! I am so excited for you! This is great news! I will visit your blog so I can see Miss W’s comment to you. Way to go! I’m proud of you!
      ~Mrs. DOnofrio

    • Dear Mr. Benjamin,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. The only thing we love to see more than visitors on our Clustrmap is comments from our visitors! We like to promote the idea that “from those who are given much, much is expected.” (Luke 12:48, and JFK)
      We also like that we have connected with various schools, and we have many ardent soccer players in our class. Thank you for visiting; we hope to see you again!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

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