Catholic Schools Week

This week our school, along with 6,684 other Catholic schools around the United States, celebrates the 40th anniversary of Catholic Schools Week.    The theme for this year, and really the model for our schools at all times, is Faith, Knowledge, Service.   All schools strive for knowledge, and I think most schools support service.  Catholic schools also teach about our faith.  So, in addition to learning to blog (knowledge) and organizing a middle school dance to support Water for South Sudan (service), we also go to Mass every week, take religion classes, and pray together daily.

To mark this occasion, let’s connect with some Catholic Schools!  Here is the link to another school named Epiphany.  It is in Miami.   There is also a  school named Epiphany in New York City.  You can visit these schools and write an email to a teacher letting them know something you found interesting about the school.  What do they do differently than we do?  What is similar?

St. John Vianney in Racine, Wisconsin, started this bulletin board on Padlet for schools to share their CSW activities.

Check out their board and see all the fun activities schools have planned for the week.  Some favorites of mine are: Pajama Day,  Spirit Day,  Twin Day,  and Color Day.  Visit the website of St. Raymond School in Joliet and write an email, or read one of the student blogs at St. John Vianney and leave a quality comment.

If you’d like, visit our blogging buddies in Mrs. Krebb’s class.  They attend a Catholic school in the Midwest.  Read one of their posts and leave a quality comment.

You can also leave a post-it note on our wall.  Sometimes we need little reminders about what’s good at school.  Leave a note on our wall as a pick-me-up for whenever we need it most.

How does your school promote knowledge, service, and perhaps faith?

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29 thoughts on “Catholic Schools Week

  1. Hi Mrs.Donofrio. Wow I didn’t know that so many people celabrated Catholic Schools week and the 40th anversity of it too. Thats a lot of years.This year my favorite thing during chatholic Schools week is having chick-fil-a cater our school for lunch. Whats your favorite part of this week? Well hope to blog you later.

  2. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,

    I think our school promotes knowledge, service, and faith by combining knowledge and faith with our religion program. For service, the 8th grade has the Theology of the Body program, which is also a part of faith. Lastly, we promote faith by having Catholic School’s Week. What do you think will be the most faith filled part of this week?


  3. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    It’s weird that two out of the three schools named Epiphany are located here in Florida! There are way more schools that celebrate Catholic School Week than I thought! I’m excited for chick-fil-a day, but I wish we had more dress down days this week.What are you most excited for this week? – Ben

  4. Dear Mrs. Donofrio,

    Holy cow! I did not know that Catholic Schools Week has been going on for 40 years! That means it has been going on since 1974. This week is a special week for me, because I love Buddy Day. Buddy Day is one day in Catholic Schools Week where we get to go hang out with the little kids! I also like the addition of Chick-fil-a instead of hot dogs for lunch. Although, I will miss the bounce houses. These are some reasons why I love Catholic Schools Week. What is your favorite part of catholic schools week?


  5. Hello Mrs. Donofrio!

    Catholic Schools Week is always a fun time. This year it’s a little different and not as fun. I’ve been at this school for eleven years and as far back as I can remember we have have this tradition. We usually have lots of activities, this year we will have some but not the same as usual.I’m going to miss our bounce houses,but I do like the Chik-Fil-A edition for lunch instead of hot dogs. Back to Catholic Schools Week I had no clue it’s been going on for 40 years! I also didn’t know about all the others schools named the same as us. Did you know any of those?


  6. Hi Mrs Donofrio,

    I didn’t know that there were that many other Epiphanys in United States! Wow that is so cool. I thought we could’ve been the only one. I was looking at the Epiphany School in New York,and their 2nd quarter doesnt end until the 29th. So it looks like we ended ours a little earlier,or they’re just behind. There talent show is the 31st and ours it Friday! I thought that was pretty cool we’re having it around the same time. Our school promotes our faith by having Catholic schools week. We take a week just to be thankful for all of our blessings from God.
    What do you like to do yourself to promote faith?


  7. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    Our school promotes all 3. In the service category, we do the Mayor’s Feed the Hungry food drive. We filled 35 boxes of food. That’s a lot! We also do a great job promoting faith. We gather in our courtyard every morning and pray. We also celebrate mass every Friday. We also do a great job by promoting knowledge by teaching the kids in an advanced way. What is your favorite part of Catholic Schools Week?


  8. Hey Mrs. Donofrio,
    I think that is so amazing that their is 6,684 other Catholic schools around the United States and that it is the 40th anniversary or Catholic schools week. This year is pretty different from all of the years before, like instead of having hot dogs for lunch, we are having chick-fil-a and this year we don’t have bounce houses. I really love Catholic schools week also because, we have buddy day. I love having buddy day because, I really love little kids and hanging out with them for a day.
    What do you like the most on Catholic schools week?

  9. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    I didn’t know that it’s been since 1974 when Catholic Schools Week first started! I was looking at the Epiphany School in New York City and I noticed there were differences and similarities. Things that were similar were that they have the 20th off for Martin Luther King jr. Day and they have the same talent show day as we do. The difference is that they end second quarter a little later than we do.

  10. Hi Mrs.Donofrio,
    Our school promotes knowledge by having honor roll and the awards assembly, it promotes service by having the middle school students knit scarfs for the assistant living home across the street and by having a dance to help raise money for Water for South Sudan, and faith by bring the whole school to mass every Friday and holy days. What is your favorite activity we do that promotes faith, knowledge, or service? -Sydney

  11. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    Our school promotes all 3. For example we do the box tops, the water for Sudan, Mayer’s feed the hunger, we also filled 36 boxes for the hungry. For Faith we go to mass every Friday when we get to school we say pray. Through knowledge Mrs. Donofrio teaches us about blogging. Mr. M is teaching us about earthquakes and volcanos . What will you be looking forward to at Catholic Schools Week ?


  12. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    I think that our school promotes knowledge because:
    1. We have an Odyssey Program and the odyssey kids get to do extra work and learn at a quicker pace.
    2. We have a National Junior Honors Society for high school.
    3. We also have competitions at our Math Counts Team and I am really excited about that.
    I think that our school promotes service because:
    1. Sometimes on Fridays some kids from the middle school go to an abortion clinic and pray.
    2. Some of the older grades help the little kids write letters to our veterans.
    3. The middle school also knits scarfs for the elderly at the nursing home.
    I also think that our school promotes faith because:
    1. We go to mass every Friday.
    2. We pray every morning and at the end of the school day.
    3. We learn in class how to be a faithful christian.
    These are the reasons that I think proves that our school promotes knowledge,service, and faith. Does your school have a math counts team?

  13. Hi Mrs. Donofrio! My favorite thing about Catholic Schools Week here at our school this year is the Buddy Day and the Chick-Fil-A lunch. My school promotes knowledge and service because in order to raise money for water in South Sudan, we will be holding a dance in February. I am hoping that we raise a lot of money. I didn’t know that over 6,000 catholic schools celebrate Catholic Schools Week, or that this year is the 40th anniversary for it either.
    What are you most looking forward to this week? Why?

  14. Hey Mrs. Donofrio,
    I like to answer your questions.
    What St. John Vianney school in Racine,Wisconsin does differently than us on Catholic Schools Week is that they get kindergartners to them what they will be like when they grow up. What they do similar is that they have buddie day just like us. My favorite part of Catholic Schools Week is that we get to have buddie day! Our school promotes our faith through the church.
    How do you think we promote our faith?

  15. Dear Mrs. Donofrio,
    Can you believe it’s the 40th anniversary of Catholic Schools week? That’s a long time. I love celebrating Catholic Schools Week and although the traditions will be different this year due to our new principal, I am confident it will still be fun. I have participated in this week since I was in kindergarten, and every year it has been one of my favorite memories.

    This year for Catholic Schools Week we are starting a new service project, having a Chick-Fil-A lunch, having and Epiphany day, and having Buddy Day. I am really excited for all of these events.

    I did some research and found out that along with the Epiphany Schools in Venice, Miami, and New York, there are also Epiphany Schools located in California, Illinois, Virginia, and Minnesota! Neat, right? I wonder if they’ll have an Epiphany Day! I think Epiphany is a great name for a school. Apparently, they do too! 🙂

    I think our school promotes faith, knowledge, and service in great ways. We promote knowledge by having great teachers, participating in competitions such as Science Fair and Math Counts, and by having the Odyssey academy and Scholars program. We promote faith by having religion and theology of the body class, going to mass every Friday, and praying a lot throughout each day. We promote service by participating in food drives such as Mayors Feed the Hungry, donating soda tabs the Shriners Hospital, Donating money each day to kids with clef palette, and by bringing in school supplies, pajamas, and diapers for the less fortunate.

    Do you think our school promotes faith, knowledge, and service enough? If not, what do you think we can do to change that?

  16. Hello Mrs.Donofrio,
    I really had no idea that 6684 schools also have been celebrating Catholic Schools Week for 40 years. Our school provides service by donating food to All Faiths Food Bank. We also provide service by donating tabs to shriners. Our school provides knowledge by having all the teachers teach us new things we haven’t learned. Last but not least our school provides faith by us going to church every Friday. The only bummer about this year for Catholic Schools Week is no dress down or no bounce houses but that’s okay. What has been your favorite memory for Catholic Schools Week in the past?

  17. Hi Mrs.Donofrio. I had no idea so many other schools celebrate Catholic Schools week. What I enjoy about Catholic Schools week is that everyday we do something different. Like on Wednesday we have spirit day, Thursday we have buddy day, I won’t be there because of Science Fair. I am excited we are having Chick-fil-a instead of hot dogs. I still can’t believe this is my last catholic schools week at our school! What do you most enjoy about Catholic Schools week?

  18. Hey Mrs. Donofrio,

    I didn’t know that there were that many Catholic schools around the United States. It’s crazy to think that Catholic Schools Week has been going on for 40 years! Something I’m excited about this week for Catholic schools week is on Thursday we have buddy day. That’s where we go and play games and stuff with our buddies! I always love doing the fun things planned for Catholic Schools Week!

    What are your favorite things about Catholic Schools Week?


  19. Hey Mrs. Donofrio! Catholic Schools Week has been around a little while longer than I thought it did. Our traditions have changed a little bit, but I think it will be still be a lot of fun! Faith, knowledge, and service are great themes for us because we demonstrate all three! One example of how we demonstrate service is the smile train for kids with cleft palettes. Also, the water for Sudan dance we have coming up. We learn about religion, as well as pray together everyday during morning assembly. Therefore we are good examples of faith. We have our odyssey program, and our National Junior Honor Society as good examples of knowledge. What is your favorite service we perform and why?

  20. Hi, Mrs. Donofrio!

    I did not know that Cathlioc School’s week was made in 1974. What I am greatful for is my great teachers. I also love Cathlioc School’s week! This year my school is having Chick-Fil-A on Wedensday, and we get a no uniform day! What is your favorite day in Cathlioc School’s week?

  21. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    Our school has changed to meet Catholic Schools’ Week since it was founded in 1974, and it has, in some ways, promoted service. As we’re a Catholic school, it’s very easy to promote knowledge and faith, but service can sometimes be forgotten. Throughout the years, students have shown service by giving tours to “shadowing” students, organizing school dances to raise money, and working on Shelter Boxes.It’s not much, but then again, every bit counts!

  22. Hi Mrs .Donofrio,
    Well you know Epiphany we collected 35 boxes of food for the mayor’s feed the hungry. We also are starting a project called the shelter box. We go to mass every Friday . We also have a spelling bee, geography bee, and a science fair . We also pray the rosary every
    October and May.

  23. Hi Mrs.Donfrio
    I think our school promotes knowlege through odyseey and our teachers and service through our extra cricular actives at our school.

  24. Catholic Schools Week is SO much fun I love buddy day, Spirit Day and Grand parents day!!!!!!!!! Catholic Schools Week is the MOST fun week at school but the Midevil Fair is the most fun day/event at school!

  25. Hello Mrs. Donofrio!

    I haven’t been on the blog lately and I thought I’d stop by and look around, comment, and read for a bit! You guys have made amazing progress by the looks of it and I’m so happy for you all! I truly did not know that other schools participate in Catholic School’s Week. I thought this was just an Epiphany tradition. That is really neat to know. I’m glad you all are making so many connections with people from around the nation and even the globe! What was your favorite part this year?
    Having a dance to support and raise money for other causes is such a great idea and I know you will help the Sudan greatly! Is there a specific theme for the dance? Our school promotes service and knowledge through a song and concept called the Alma Mater song. It’s a tradition that my school preforms every time there is a big event going on. For example, Dana Hall had a Cabaret talent show for the ninth graders to preform last Saturday and after we were all done, we all sang the Alma Mater in celebration of out success! The Alma Mater is like the mission statement for the school. It creates a sense of community through out all the girls at Dana. It’s not something as big as Catholic School’s Week, but you get the idea. Can’t wait to see you all soon!


    • Hi Makenzie,
      I always love to find your comments on the blog. It makes it seem that you are not so far away. We are starting Family Blogging Month for February, and I’m sure your sisters would love comments on their blogs, too. Everyone with a comment from a family member is entered into a weekly drawing for a prize. This week it’s Valentine chocolates. The 6th graders are up and running, so Cooper has her own blog now. We just read a couple of excerpts from Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. They were both descriptions of important people in her early life. One was her brother, Baily. So, in honor of Family Blogging Month, and Black History Month (also celebrated in February; Maya Angelou is African-American), the kids are writing descriptions of family members on their blogs. You can see who Sadie and Cooper write about. Their posts are due on Monday. If you need a book to read at Dana Hall, I recommend I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. It’s an autobiography and is often taught in high schools and colleges. Although I have not read the whole book myself, the excerpts prove what an excellent writer Maya Angelou is. She also overcame a huge amount of adversity. I would like to read the whole book this summer. We watched a short video of Maya Angelou, too. How was your talent show? Did you perform? Irish step? The cello? Singing? You have lots of talents. How is your hockey team doing? Thanks for keeping in touch, Makenzie. We are looking forward to seeing you the next time you are home. If you are home the weekend of the dance, you are more than welcome to come. Keep up all the good work you are doing.
      God bless you,
      Mrs. Donofrio

  26. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    I think our school promotes knowledge and service by all the teachers, staff and I think our school promotes faith by Father Josephs great homilies every Friday.
    Thanks all you teachers out there for helping us get a great education and making our futures bright.

  27. Our school promote knowledge, service, and faith by
    raising money for the smile train, knitting scarves
    a nursing home, and raising money for the smile train

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