Hear Ye, Hear Ye!


Welcome to the sixth annual ECS Medieval Fair!

As part of the middle school’s study of Medieval Literature, we welcome you to our    re-creation of a trade fair, a common event in town squares during the Middle Ages.  Held on this feast day of St. John Berchman, in the year of our lord 2013, our fair offers you handcrafted wares and authentic food and drink in exchange for your pennies.  At 10 am, the bell will ring, signaling the start of our mystery, miracle, and morality plays.  Until then, please shop, eat, drink, and be merry!!

Let the Fair Commence!!  God speed!

Medieval Fair 2013 on PhotoPeach

What about living in the Middle Ages is better than living in modern times?  What is worse?  If you could live in any time period, which would you choose and why?

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One thought on “Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

  1. Hey Mrs. Donofrio!! I was just visiting to see how the Medieval Fair went, and it looks like it went very well. I think I spotted some new attractions and people! It’s amazing to think that you’ve been putting on this marvelous fair for 6 years! I think every year they get better and better. My language arts teacher from VMS was showing our class photos from when they went to the Medieval Fair in Sarasota, and I saw kids from Epiphany in the back. It turns out that when we went in 6th grade, they were there, too. It’s funny how things like that happen. I also wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas before break and a happy new year!

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