A Night on the Town

Twenty nine middle school students spent a Friday night watching a production of Schoolhouse Rock at the Venice Theater. Accompanied by six parents, Mrs. Gunther, and Mrs. Donofrio, the students met for pizza and a fierce air hockey tournament, then walked to the theater, and finished the evening off with some ice cream. Everyone left humming the words words to “Conjunction Junction”, “We the People”, and “Sufferin’ for Suffrage”.

What is your favorite Schoolhouse Rock video? Why do you like it?

Schoolhouse Rock at Venice Theater on PhotoPeach

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8 thoughts on “A Night on the Town

  1. Dear Mrs. Donofrio & Class,
    I hope the new school year has come into a more regular routine, as we almost go into October! Time already is flying by. Today is the first chance I’ve had to take a peek at your new blog posts and they look great! I can’t believe I’m missing out on all the fun!
    The play, Schoolhouse Rock must have been awesome to see, since I remember how fun it always was learning your songs in English class; They really do help. How was it overall?
    In English right now, we are finishing up our summer reading book. It takes longer since we go more in depth into it than I’ve been accustomed to. We read The Count Of Monte Cristo which is a phenomenal book. It’s related a little bit to God, since Monte Cristo translates to Mountain of Christ, but you really should take a look at it sometime. It might be too long for a class book, but as a self read, I think you’d really like it! I feel ahead of the game from everything you’ve taught me so far, to seeing what were learning now. I’m sure it’ ll get harder, but right now not so much. What are you guys learning so far and what class books do you have in mind this year?! Also, are there any more Teddy series coming about?
    How’s the blog coming along as a whole? And what goals have you set for this year? I can’t wait to see the improvement as time goes on considering you have over 10,000 viewers!! CONGRATS! Have you had a blogging party yet?!
    I’m coming home in October, but its on a weekend so I might not get to sneak a visit until around January. But other than that, I hope everything has followed into place and is starting to move smoothly. Say hello to everyone and especially to Cooper and Sadie for me. I hope your kids are enjoying school as well, say hi to them too!
    Keep me updated and let me know if the blog ever needs more viewers!
    Best wishes,
    Makenzie Callahan

    • Goodspeed Makenzie!

      I am so happy to hear from you and doubly happy that you are doing well. I have never read The Count of Monte Cristo” and never realized it translated to the Mountain of Christ, so thank you for teaching me something new today! I will put that book on my list. Perhaps I will read it over Christmas vacation, and we can have a book chat when you come home for Christmas vacation. I will look forward to you stopping by in January for a visit. I am so very glad to hear that you feel well prepared and even ahead of the game in English class. The best gauge of how I am doing is how my students fare in high school. So thank you for the good report!
      The blog is coming along well. We are featured in a blogging magazine called “Flipboard”. I will try to send you the link. We did have one blogging party for hitting 10,000 visitors. I think our next goal will be to get a comment from someone on each continent. I just read an article today about a man who is walking across all the continents (except Antarctica). He is going to take a boat from Siberia into Alaska across the Bering Straight. Other than that, totally on foot. He has estimated it will take him seven years. He has a website so that students can follow his progress. He’s doing the walk to “engage a world audience in big questions about our collective humanity”. He’s stopping every 100 miles to do a video interview with the nearest human being. I want my classes to follow him and to take a virtual journey with him, interviewing/connecting with someone from every continent, and what better way than on our blog. I’ll have a post about it soon. I think I will develop some lessons for the Odyssey kids around this man’s adventure. He is being sponsored by National Geographic.
      The play Schoolhouse Rock was great! Fun music and interesting material to learn, too. Can’t beat that. All the actors were kids; I bet you know some of them from your days at Venice Little Theater.
      I will say hello to your sisters and to my kids for you. We’d love to have some of your new friends check out our blog and leave a comment!
      Keep up the good work at school. I’ll be interested to hear all about it in person one day.
      God bless you, Makenzie,
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  2. Dear Mrs. Donofrio,

    I thought School House Rock was a really good play. My favorite School House Rock video is the “verb” song. I like it because, I think that a verb is the most exciting part in a sentence. Thanks for taking us.


    • Hi Mitch,
      I like the Verb song, too, and I also like a lot of the history songs. I thought the kids onstage did a great job with “Sufferin’ for Suffrage”, “We the People”, and the Invention Song, although at this moment I can’t remember the title of that one. Do you think putting things you need to learn into a song helps you remember them?
      I’m glad you came to the play. I hope you had a good time.
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  3. What is the book we are going to read next because I can’t wait to see because I always love a good book. Hey Mrs.Donofrio what is your favorite class book we are going to read ?

    • Hi Lauren,
      The next book we are going to read is Crispin. It is also a great book. It is about a boy who lives during the Middle Ages. I think you will like it. Some of my favorite books to read in class are: Walk Two Moons, Peak, The Wednesday Wars, Maniac Magee, and Freak the Mighty.
      What is your favorite book, Lauren?
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

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