Scavenger Hunt Success

Did you know that vending machines were invented by the Ancient Greeks?  The Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria developed a machine that dispensed holy water when a coin was inserted.   It is said that Plato invented the alarm clock and that Aeschylus is responsible for our system of trial by juryWhat do Ajax, Midas, Nike, Oracle, and Pandora have in common?   They are all products or companies named for characters in Greek mythology.  These are just a few of the interesting discoveries we made as we hunted in our modern lives for evidence of the legacy of Ancient Greece. 

Can you add any items to our list of legacies of Ancient Greece?

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3 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Success

  1. Hi
    We noticed Aliciahs comment and we thought it was really nice we love getting positive comments and feedback. My gruop (The lumpy space princesses) was the closest but still far off but were still trying. thanks again for the positive comment. We are looking forward to hearing from you again.
    Melville Intermediate
    Hamilton New Zealand

    • Hi Josh!
      Alicia will be so glad to get your comment as well. We lost our Internet service at school today, so we were unable to do any blogging this morning or afternoon. Congratulations on almost getting the layout of the room correct. That was a fun assignment. We would love to collaborate with you sometime. Have a great day in school, and we’ll “see” you soon!

      ~Mrs. Donofrio

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