Perseus vs. Percy Jackson

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This week we start reading mythology from around the world.  Our first visit will be to Ancient Greece where we will meet Perseus, a Greek hero and model for Percy Jackson.  Have you seen the new Percy Jackson movie?  How much do you know about the Greek hero Perseus and the gods of Olympus from reading Percy Jackson or seeing the movies?  Take this quiz on the National Geographic Kids website to find out.

Also, take a look at our sidebar and find the category “Myths and Legends”.  Click on it and try the quiz “Which Hero Are You?”


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The Ideal of Beauty

What do you already know about Greece? Leave a comment with three facts you know about this country. Tomorrow we’ll have a list of what we know and what we think we know. Then we can figure out what we want to know about the home of heroes Perseus, Hercules, Theseus, Jason, and Odysseus and work to answer our questions.

The game is afoot!


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37 thoughts on “Perseus vs. Percy Jackson

  1. I love Greek Mythology!! It is very interesting and unique. I can’t believe that people long ago in ancient Greece believed these tales were true. I have read Percy Jackson and the Perseus story. I can’t wait to study it this year!

  2. Hello Mrs.Donofrio,
    I got a 100 on the quiz. I got Athena on the other quiz. It said I was fun and creative. Did you take the quiz? If you did who did you get.

    • Hi Anthony,
      I took the quiz last year. I think I came out as Odysseus. Hopefully that was because I like to travel and not because I am destined to fight a Cyclops!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  3. Hi Mrs.Donofrio,
    I haven’t seen the new movie. Greece is home to the Greek Gods. It has many historical sites. The capital is Athens.

  4. I know that Greece is in Europe. Mount Olympus is located in Greece. Greece is the home of the Greek Gods. Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Greece.

  5. Three facts I know about greece are…

    . Its a city of Myths and Legends.

    . It has beautiful bildings

    . it also has millions of fossils

  6. I know that Greece is in Europe and boardering the Aegan sea. Greece is also home to the Parthenon, a massive temple bult to honor the goddess Athena. It is also the location of the first Olymics, named after Mount Olympus, the supposed home of the gods, to honor them. Those are my three facts about Greece.

  7. Mrs.Donofrio,
    I took the National Geographic test and I got 9/10. I know that there is a parthenon. I know that there are still people living there. And I think I know that people are finding thigs buried in the dirt.

  8. Mrs.Donofrio,

    I don’t know a lot on Perseus or Percy Jackson but they seem very interesting. I got a 90 on the National Geograpic Kids test. I haven’t seen the new Percy Jackson movie but I have watched the trailor.
    .About 7% of marble is produced by Greece.
    .You have to vote if your over 18.
    .Approx. 16.5 million tourist visit Greece.

    Have you read any of the Percy Jackson books?


    • Hi Abbey,
      So far, I have only seen the Percy Jackson movies. Did you know Rick Riordan used to teach middle school language arts? There is still hope for me!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  9. Hello Mrs.Donofrio. I got a 7 right answers on the quiz. I never read any of the books or saw any movies. I would like to though. They have alot facts in the ouiz. I learned that Athena was the one who gave medusa her snakes. And thats all I know. Hope to blog you later.
    love, Hannah

  10. These are the things I know about Greece:
    1.) It is home to Mt. Olympus, the home of the 12 gods.
    2.) It has lots of ancient artifacts.
    3.) It is where the origin of myths about gods started.

  11. The 1st thing I know about Greece is that it is on Europe, 2nd is that it is next to the Mediterranean sea and 3rd that it is the place where Greek myths are located in.

  12. Three facts about Ancient Greece would be:

    It is filled with city states

    A second fact would be that is located on the Mediterranean Sea, and in Europe.

    A third fact would be that Greece was filled with mathematicians that brought math to where it is today.

  13. I know that it has many cities that I learned in class. Thebes, Corntih, Sparta, and Athens. Hercules was the hero that slayed the lion and took its skin. Jason and Agronuats were the heros that travel to get the golden fleece. I can wait to learn more about greece.

  14. Mrs. Donofrio,
    Three things I know about Greece are:
    1) Greece is located in Europe on the Mediterranean Sea.
    2) The four city-states in Greece are Corinth, Athens (also the capital), Thebes, and Sparta (CATS).
    3) One of the countries that borders Greece is Bulgaria,along with Turkey, Macedonia, and Albania.

    I hope these facts met your requirements and I am thrilled to learn more about Greece and Greek Mythology this year!

  15. The three things I know about Greece is:
    1. Greece is surronded by the Mediteranean sea.
    2. The capital of Greece is Athens.
    3. Greece is a peninsula.

    – Brooke B.

  16. The three things I know about Greece.

    1. The Parthenon is a structure in Rome
    2. The Greeks used to belive in gods
    3. The Greeks love their soccer!

  17. Three things i know about Greece:

    1. There are 4 city/states they are Sparta, Troy, Corinth, and Athens.

    2. They used to believe in ancient greek gods.

    3. The Parthenon is the biggest temple on the Acropolis.

  18. Dear Mrs. Donofrio,
    I took the quiz, and I got a 50. I think that was because I did not have you last year and I did not learn much about Greek Mythology. I am excited to be at Epifiany and I am also excited to learn more.

    – Katie

  19. In Greece, the official language is Greek; they also speak English. The Olympic games originated in Greece. Greece is known for producing the world’s finest olives.

  20. Greece is an ancient country, begun before Jesus’s time. It held power until the Romans took over. Many of ancient Rome’s gods are based on ancient Greek gods.

  21. -Greece is roughly the size of Alabama
    -Voting is required for any one who is 18 or older in Greece
    -About 7% of marble production comes from Greece

  22. Hi Mrs. Donofrio its Daniel,
    Since I have tp post one thing about Greece I can say Its bankrupt. and flourished during the 4th and 5th century. Seems like the exact oppisite of whats going on today in Greece

  23. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    Three things that I know about Greece is that the capital is Athens, it’s where the myths of Greek gods were discovered and that it’s a country in Europe.

  24. Hi Mrs.Donofrio I was able to find five facts on Greece 1 The first Olympics were held in Greece. 2 Greece was the birth place of democracy. 3 The cites were often at war but they called a truce for the Olympics so all could travel to Olympia safely

  25. There are 3 city states, known as CATS.
    Coryinth, Athens, Troy, and Sparta.

    About 7% of all the marble produced in the world comes from Greece.
    The Greeks would sacrifice one hundred bulls to Zeus during each Olympics.

  26. Hi, Mrs. Donofrio! It’s Shawn and here are my answers to the 3 facts about Greece

    1.) It borders Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria.

    2.) The most famous mountain, Mt. Olympus, Is home to the 12 (14) Greek Gods.

    3.) The Greek capital, Athens, Is named after the goddess Athena.

  27. Dear Mrs. Donofrio,
    These are 3 facts that I know about Greece:
    1. Greece has 11 geographical regions: Macedonia, Sterea Hellas, Peloponnese, Thessaly, Epirus, Thrace, Lonian islands, and Crete.
    2. Greece has the 11th longest coastline in the world.
    3. 80% of Greece consists of mountains.
    I hope that my facts interest you!

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