Highlights of the Year

A highlight of the year: exchanging comments with Graham Salisbury, author of Under the Blood Red Sun, and movie producer Dana Hankins.

A highlight of the year: exchanging comments with Graham Salisbury, author of Under the Blood Red Sun, and movie producer Dana Hankins.

         Hey Kids!   The year is almost over. On Wednesday we’ll celebrate with our third blogging party to mark 100 visitors on all the students’ blogs.  We’ll finally connect with our #1 Blogging Buddy, Mrs. Chonody, who will regale us with tales of her travels.  Another highlight of the year was making contact with Dana Hankins, the producer of the Under the Blood-Red Sun movie, and then with author, Graham Salisbury.  I also appreciate all the posts, comments, and Skypes we shared with Ms. Smith and her Huzzahnians, almost half-way across the world in British Columbia, Canada.   Look through some of our older posts, pictures, and videos. What was the highlight of language arts for you this year?  

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14 thoughts on “Highlights of the Year

  1. Hi everyone!
    Here’s hoping that all of you are enjoying a nice, loooong, holiday weekend. I just took a break from watching the Memorial Day Concert that is going on now in our nation’s capital. I was crying……the stories of our veterans are so incredibly touching. We sometimes forget what Memorial Day is really about…….
    Anyway, on a lighter note, I am really, really looking forward to seeing you guys on Wednesday! Your wonderful and sweet Mrs. Donofrio was kind enough to invite me to talk to your class. Hopefully, none of you will fall asleep while I am speaking! 🙂 As for me, I promise not to cry….well, hopefully.
    Take care and always remember what a privilege it is to live in the United States of America.
    Mrs. Chonody

  2. Hello Mrs.Donofrio ,
    This year has gone by so fast! I remember the midevil fair , blogging parties , and reenacting Shakespeare plays! I think the highlight of the year was getting our class blogs! I think it has been an amazing augment (vocab word ) to learning . I hope I will return to ECS next year , if not I will miss you guys so much.

  3. My highlight of the year was going to the mideval fair. It was very fun to finnaly dress up in a costume and sell stuff. It was so fun.

  4. Hi Mrs. Donofrio!
    In my opinion, I think the best highlight in Language Arts is the Medieval Fair. I loved learning about the Medieval Times. Also I loved pretending to be selling dolls at a booth just like people in the real time period.
    Thank you for a great year in middle school!

  5. Hey Mrs. Donofrio,
    My highlight of this year was when we got our own individual blogs. I liked this because, I got to see my visitor count go up, and see how many states and countries actually saw my blog. Also, I like how I got to connect with other students on their blog! What was your favorite highlight of this year?

  6. This school year has gone by so fast and I’m so excited for 8th grade and all the privileges that come with being an 8th grader. As 8th graders we have to remember to set an example to the smaller kids that will be looking up to us. All of the wonderful teachers at our school have done a great job preparing us for next year and although we will have some hard times it will all be worth it knowing that it will pay off in high school be just all have to remember when we hit a bump in the road that there is always a rainbow after the rain. Thank you for all your preparation and help Mrs. Donofrio.

    See you in 8th grade, and have a great summer!!!

  7. Hey Mrs. Donofrio,
    One of my favorite parts of this year was the Medieval Fair. I love dressing up in costumes and having the kids coming around and buying the little crafts that we had made. I am very excited to be in eighth grade next year and to do it all over again. Have a great summer!


  8. Hey Mrs. Donofrio! I personally thought the highlight of language arts this year was learning about Shakespeare. Its really interesting to know that someone who lived in the fifteen hundreds is still famous today! I especially loved learning about Falstaff. Shakespare’s poems and plays will always be remembered, and I’m looking forward to learning more about him next year!

    – Mallory

  9. Dear Mrs.Donofrio,
    It seems like 7th grade just flew by. The highlight of language arts, for me, was obviously blogging. Not only was blogging fun, but we learned about writing skills when talking to people on the internet. Before we thought it didn’t matter what our grammar was online and it didn’t matter who saw it. You definitely changed that! Writing online is very important, because the whole world can see what you’re writing. Thank you for being a great teacher and going beyond the classroom. I hope you and your family have a great summer!

  10. Hi Mrs. Donofrio,
    As Hannah said this year has gone by very fast. I feel like we just had the medieval fair last week! The highlights of language arts for this year are medieval fair and blogging. When I was in Thailand I do not know what a medieval fair is, but not until the first few months of school, everyone told me and taught me what is it and what we do on that day. I had a lot of fun on that day.
    So as blogging, I did not know anything about blogging until I came here, seventh graders at Epiphany Cathedral School. After medieval fair the whole middle school got their own blogs. We had a lot of fun with blogging.
    I hope I have a chance to be at Epiphany again next year.

  11. Hey Mrs. Donofrio,
    This was one of the best years and there are so many things that I loved about it. I think that my highlight of the year was getting our own blogs. It is so much fun to be able to talk to other people all over the world. Thank you for being such a great teacher and always being in a great mood. I hope you have a great summer. ~Molly

  12. Mrs.Donofro, I can’t believe it is almost summer the school year went by so fast . The whole year was a highlight for me but since I have to choose I think the Medieval Fair was my favorite because it was fun preparing and it was fun participating.

    What was your favorite thing about the Medieval Fair?
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  13. My highlight of the year was field day when we did the pole walk and pop balloons. What was your favorite part?

  14. my favorate part of language arts this year was the blogging. it was so fun we got to connect with poeple.
    what did you think of the blogging this year?

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