One thought on “You’ve Got a Friend In Me

  1. Hey, Beth … and your superstar students, or course … Graham Sal isbury here.Just wanted to let you know that I am as astonished as anyone over the prospect of tak ing UNDER THE BLOOD­ RED SUN from book to fi lm. The process so far has been exciting. For me, and maybe for you and your gang, watching the process
    unfold is en lightening. For me, it’s easy. I just make stuff up; the producer has to make it happen! Speak ing of creating, you might be interested to know that I’m hard at work in the revision stage of war book number 4, th is one set in the Philippines. It’s working title is HUNT FOR THE BAMBOO RAT. How does that title str ike your superstars? If they like it I may keep it. Publication date is sometime in 2014. I do want to thank you for your enthusiasm for our film project. That kind of support only makes us work harder. But you know what? we LOVE hard work! Mahalo!

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