Skyping success! Huzzah!

Winter morning    

Photo Credit: blmiers2 via Compfight cc

Thanks to a Saturday morning Skype visit with Oustanding Educator, Mrs. Jan Smith, at Huzzah! I was able to add this photo,with correct attribution, from Compfight to this post! This newfound knowledge will open up many doors for us as we navigate our way around our student blogs. We will be able to add photos from around the world to the repertoire of pictures we have taken ourselves. I am continuing to learn, and there is still a wide world of blogging out there yet to discover. Many, many thanks to Mrs. Smith for spending an hour and a half of her Saturday helping all of us at Hey, Kids!

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5 thoughts on “Skyping success! Huzzah!

  1. That was so much fun! My, what nice avatars you have– 🙂 . A treat to meet you face to face, Beth. Looking forward to future connections.

  2. Hi, Mrs. Donofrio!
    That’s awesome that you and my teacher skyped. Maybe the students in your class could skype with the students in my class one day, so we could meet eachother. Thanks! 🙂


    • Hi Samantha,
      Your teacher and I think that getting the two classes to Skype together would be awesome as well. We will keep all of you “posted” (that’s a pun) on a future Skype visit. In the meantime, we will enjoy continuing to get to know one another through good, old-fashioned writing. Thanks for your note, Samantha. I’m off to visit some Huzzahnian student blogs.
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  3. Hello to everyone at ‘Hey Kids!’ from Mrs. Sinnott and 5/6S. Thank you so much for visiting our blog, it is so exciting to have other classes from around the world checking in. We have definitely had a very busy first week back at school with a lot of different activities and a lot of new information to take in. We noticed you have a good connection with the Huzzanians who we have also blogged with lately…it is great to meet (so-to-speak) so many different teachers and students. Your family blogging challenge sounds like an idea we might also have to look into in the future…Keep up the great work and we look forward to connecting again soon.
    (As our students are new to bogging, they are working on cyber safety and blogging etiquette in order to earn the right to publish their own bogs. We look forward to developing them and inviting you back to visit)
    Kind regards, Mrs. Sinnott and 5/6S

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