Reaching our Goals, Top Ten, and Extra Credit

After blogging for five months, we have attained our second goal: at least one visitor from all 50 states.  Vermont was the last hold out.  We are so excited!  YAHOO!  Here are some other HIGHLIGHTS from our blogging adventures:

10. We had a blogging party to celebrate reaching our goal.  We set up the cafeteria like a movie theater with a concession stand.  We had a theater style popcorn maker, soda, candy and chips.  We watched a great movie, Facing the Giants.  (We give it 5 stars.)

Extra Credit: What was your favorite scene in the movie? Why did you like it?

9. Also, as of today, Hey, Kids! has: 3429 visitors from 97 countries.

8.  All 70 Kids have their own student blogs.

7. We’ve been consistently corresponding with the students and Mrs. Smith at Huzzah! and with Mrs. Krebs’ Class.

6. We’re getting ready for our first Family Blogging Month in February.

5. With the help of Hey, Kids! students and our blogging buddies at Huzzah!, Mrs. Donofrio gave a presentation about blogging at a conference at Disney World.

4. We are improving our writing and map skillsCheck out the photo of our push pin map.

3. Our Teddy blog has 210 visitors from 8 states and 8 countries.

2. PhotoPeach slideshows.

and our number one highlight:

1. After 20 years, Mrs. Chonody reconnected with her friend due to our blog!  See the comments in “A Diagram Race”.

Have you ever set and attained a goal?  Tell us about your goal and how, or if, you celebrated your accomplishment.

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10 thoughts on “Reaching our Goals, Top Ten, and Extra Credit

  1. Hi Mrs. Donofrio! Where-where-where are the student blogs? We can hardly wait to start commenting on them! Will you be putting links to them in your sidebar soon-soon-soon?
    You’ve met not one but TEN goals. What an impressive crew you are. Bravo!
    My students look forward to reading The Kids’ posts.
    Hoping to connect soon,
    Jan Smith

    • Hello Jan!

      So good to hear from you. I hope you all are starting the year off healthy and happy. We have been thinking about you often, and are glad to see you are back in action.

      As with many of my activities, I learn as I go. Hence, all the kids blogs are begun, but my own next task is to figure out how to get them on the sidebar of our class blog. Thanks for providing the impetus. My kids will be SO happy to have visitors on their own blogs.

      Also on my list is becoming very familiar with Flickr so we can add photos without jeopardizing any copyright laws. I look forward to the day I am as fluent in blogging as I am in literature.

      Perhaps by the time I go to bed tonight, I will have all the blogs listed. We are off from school today as it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a holiday in the United States.

      Thanks for reaching out! Looking forward to more exchanges.
      Happy New Year!
      Mrs. Donofrio

      • Look at that! They are all there. So impressive. I know how much work that is for both you and your students. I see a Skype call in our future. The Flickr image thing is easier than ever and one of my favourite things to share as it is the first time kids get to see the power of code.

        Please let your students know that all is well for my son. He is finished chemo and on the mend. I am relieved and grateful for the care and support we received throughout his treatment.

        Expect comments soon! I am very impressed with all you have accomplished in such a short period of time. Goodspeed!

  2. My favorite part in the movie was the death crawl because, when the coach was yelling at Brock, he kept saying don’t quit, you can do this! I was repeating this in my head when I did my run this weekend. It really inspired me!

    • That’s awesome, Louis! I repeat one of his mantras while I am running, too: “Leave nothing on the field.” That’s another way to say, “Give it your very best!” The death crawl is my favorite scene, too. Today at recess some of the sixth graders were trying it! They said it was hard.
      Extra credit for you, Louis!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  3. Wow! Awesome job to Mrs. Donofrio’s class! You guys are doing such exciting things at school!

    I think the first major goal I remember having is one that I set while in the 8th grade. That was the year I decided to one day become a Peace Corps Volunteer. I knew I had quite a few years ahead of me, but after graduating from college, I was sent to Costa Rica and my Peace Corps service had begun. God gave me two awesome years of service there. I love Costa Rica and Ticos (Costa Ricans)!! Eleven years after I had made that goal, I returned home. Mission accomplished!

    I am sure that many exciting things are waiting for all of you at Epiphany! Good luck accomplishing your goals. Que Dios los bendiga! God bless you!

    • Dear Paula,
      Thank you for commenting on our class blog. We love to hear stories of people setting and accomplishing goals. I know that not only was the Peace Corps a great experience for you, but that so many Ticos benefitted, and are still benefitting, from your work there. How is La Escuela de Paula doing? I’m sure it is going strong.
      Thank you for sharing your story with us!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio
      aka. Paula’s big sister

  4. hi Mrs .Donofrio
    One time i had set a goal with my aunt Michelle. She owns a non-profit called fever wise. Her and I said that if we earn $500 dollars towards the non profit within two months. We would celebrate by going to Applebees together. We got $678 worth of donations in about two months.


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