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You’ve got mail!

Teddy has been busy sending lots of postcards from his travels all over the world.   Make your own Teddymap, similar to a Clustrmap, to follow Teddy around the globe.  How many countries has he visited?  How many of the United States?

Did you travel anywhere over the Thanksgiving holiday?  In the United States, Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year.  

You can read Teddy’s postcards on his blog, Teddy Tours.  He loves to get mail, too, so be sure to write back to him.  Let him know where your adventures take you!

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4 thoughts on “Dog with a Blog

  1. Teddy has 112 from the U.S.
    *104 from Florida
    *4 from California
    *1 from Washington, Iowa, and Georgia
    Teddy also has 9 visitors from other countries.
    *3 from Canada
    *2 from United Kingdom
    *1 from Macau,Chile,Australia, and Switzerland

  2. Teddy has 121 visitors in all and 112 are from the United States. I did not go anywhere for Thanks Giving. I stayed local and ate turkey with my family. Right after eating turkey My family and I put up the tree and decorated the house. Later when we were done decorating for the day we made cookies.


  3. Hello Teddy! I like to travel, too. I didn’t travel this Thanksgiving. Thats very interesting about in the United States that Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year! Good luck on your further travels around the world, don’t forget to send postcards. Merry Christmas Teddy!

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