Create your own coat of arms

Hey Kids!

Here is a website where you can create your own coat of arms.  As we study the Middle Ages, we learn that symbols on the coat of arms stand for qualities that the knight is said to possess.

What symbolizes your best characteristics?   Check out this website and find out!

Have fun!

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8 thoughts on “Create your own coat of arms

  1. Wow! Mrs. Donfrio we almost have 1000 visitors! We only have to get about 50 more visitors till we reach our goal! Hopefully today and this week more kids will visit. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Mrs Donofrio,
    Wow! Studying the middle ages must be interesting and fun! How are the coat of arms going? What kind of things have you been learning about the middle ages? In grade 5 my class built castles and had a mideval feast. It was really fun! I hope you enjoy the rest of your studies on middle ages.

    • Hi Jenna,
      We are reading Beowulf which is the first example of Old English writing ever found. It was written in about 700 A.D., and today we listened to the first 11 lines of the poem as they were originally written in Old English. That language is hard to understand. It doesn’t sound anything like modern day English. I bet your castle project was cool! What can you tell me about your medieval feast? I’d like to hear all about that.
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  3. Hey Mrs. Donofrio,
    This is really cool and it’s perfect for what we are studying now! Maybe our class could make a big coat of arms for our class room as a fun project and everyone could make a piece of it.

    • That’s a great idea, Michaela. Next week as we prepare for the fair, we can make a class shield with some symbols on it! Good thinking!

  4. Hello our names are is Riley Fletcher and Keifer
    we are doing a maths project and I am wanting to know the scale model of your class and all the tables and chairs and also the length the hight and windows if you have any and doors and a computer area.

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