Today we reviewed for our first unit test by playing Jeopardy!  Each member of the winning team gets three bonus points added onto his or her test; the second place team receives two points, and the third place team, one point.  Our categories were: Myths, Legends, Fables, Hercules, Olympians, History and Geography, Art, Vocabulary, and Literary Terms.

Can you answer any of our Jeopardy! questions?

1. In what countries are the Pillars of Hercules?

2. What slave is credited with telling fables to buy his freedom?

3. What instrument did Orpheus play?

4. Who is Sir Galahad’s father?

5. What is a Sisyphian task?

6. What figure of speech is used in this sentence: “The whole world sorrowed with him.”?

7. Where was Sir Thomas Mallory when he wrote Le Morte D’Arthur?

8. Define ebullient.

9. On what Greek island in the Mediterranean were Daedalus and Icarus imprisoned?

10. What Greek art form depicted the labors of Hercules?


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10 thoughts on “Jeopardy!

  1. Mrs.Donofrio,

    My Aunt from Cherry Hill, NJ tried do do the questions. But she could not do any without MY help. She really likes King Author and she had the musical and she remembered the songs when she was a little kid! Got to love King Author!


    • Good for you, Brooke!! I love the musical Camelot, too. I think the song Lancelot sings is funny. It’s all about how great he is. He takes after Narcissus!

  2. Hey Mrs. Donofrio!,
    I was doing the Blogging Scavenger Hunt, and I’m afraid I can’t find the post with a Prezi embedded in it!!!!! Have a good weekend Mrs. D!


  3. 1. Morocco and Spain
    2. Aesop
    3. Lyre
    4. Sir Lancelot
    5. A very difficult task
    6. Personification
    7. Prison
    8. Cheerful and full of energy
    9. Crete
    10. Vase


  4. Wow that sure looks fun! I would love to do this one day in class. I think I’m going to try to convince my teacher, Ms. Smith to let my class and I do this on one of our fun days.

    • Hi Josh,
      Jeopardy sure is fun. It is my students’ favorite way to review for a test. We are going to play again this week because we have just finished reading a book called Freak the Mighty. It has a weird title, but it is a GREAT book! The author is Rodman Philbrick. Check it out!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

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