15 thoughts on “Pastries with Parents

  1. It was a fun day; I agree. Looking forward to a fun upcoming week, too. Can’t wait to see everyone’s oral reports! They’ll be our next post.

  2. This blog is really cool! It is great to see all of the comments and sharing. It looks like everyone had a great time at pastries with parents!

    • Thanks so much for your nice comment! By the end of the week, we’ll have some great photos of the kids’ oral presentations. We are learning a lot about Ancient Greece and Rome. I really enjoy seeing what kids in other classrooms are doing, too, especially our blogging buddies at Huzzah and Mrs. Krebs’ class. Great teaching and learning is going on in lots of places. Yahoo!

    • So glad you had a good time, Brandon, and that you liked your picture. We will have other events that will be fun, too. The Medieval Fair is coming up in November. That is a great day, too. Huzzah and God speed!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  3. This was a great video! Love to see kids with their families it makes for some great memories! One of the many great events we have at school.

    • Thanks, Karen! It is always so nice to see the kids taking care of their families. Thanks for all your help on that day and on many other day. Extra credit for Brooke since you commented on our blog! Yay!

    • You are welcome. My mom always says the same thing when she sees pictures of the kids from our school. It sure is nice to hear that we are a happy bunch. 🙂
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  4. Hello Mrs. D’s class!

    That looked like a super fun day! Yesterday we had a super hero day, everyone dressed up in their favorite super hero costume and had a dance walk, a dance walk is were the whole school walks around in the school and dances while walking. It’s really fun! I personally forgot to wear a costume so I named myself ‘Girl Girl’. I suggest you guys should have a super hero day! It’s super fun!

    I hope the pastries were extra yummy!

    -Becky From Huzzah

    • Hi Becky,
      Thanks so much for visiting our class blog. I love the idea of a dance walk. I learned a new dance from my students just this past Friday. We had a new visitor on our Clustr Map from Korea. Although the kids had a hard time identifying Korea on our map, they ALL knew a dance and song from Korea called Opa Gangum Style. (I hope I spelled that correctly.) They said it was the number one song in the world on YouTube and on the radio. I had never heard of it before and was so surprised that they knew the words to a Korean song. If I were going to be a superhero I would like to be MapLady so I could immediately transport myself anywhere on the earth. I think that would be fun! Did GirlGirl have any superhero powers?
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  5. Hello Mrs. Donofrio and class,
    My name is Noah and I am from Huzzah. That brunch looks so good that I am staving now. I have to talk to Mrs. Smith about having a brunch. Looked like a ton of fun ! Talk to you guys later.

    • Hi Noah,
      Thanks so much for visiting our class blog. You are right; that brunch was delicious! We have some moms who are great cooks. Pastries with Parents is a fun day at our school, but it only comes once a year. Do you do any special days with your families at school?
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

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