Nearing 100 visitors!

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Hey Kids and all,

We are nearing a milestone of 100 visitors on our blog!  YAHOO!  Check out our map.  We have had visitors from California to Florida to Maine!  We also have had visitors and comments from Canada to Uganda to New Zealand to Australia!  We have already been seen in three continents!!  Imagine that.  When we return to school, we will be ready to network with classrooms from around the world.

I have also added a subscribe button to our blog.  Anyone who adds his or her email address will receive a notice when we update our blog.  Pretty cool, eh?

And check this out:  I have learned how to add a Google Map to our posts.  Here is a map of Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand where Mr. Webb has a class we will meet in August.  Click on the little “x” in the right hand corner to change the map from a photo to a world map.  You can even zoom in and out to your heart’s content!  Wicked awesome!

I am SO EXCITED!!!!!  We are going to have the best school year ever!

Where in the world do you hope our blog takes us?  Why would you like to go there?




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10 thoughts on “Nearing 100 visitors!

  1. I would like to go to Australia just because I love kangaroos! Also I think that it would be very interesting to hear about Australia because I am sure it’s different from here!

    • I agree, Sadie. Australia would be cool. Perhaps we will meet a class from Australia on the blog. I have already touched base with a class from New Zealand, which is not too far from Australia.

  2. I really,really want to go to Germany. My Great-Grandpa, Pop, left Germany while Hitler was starting to reign over Germany. He came to America on a ship. If he hadn’t came over to America I wouldn’t be writing right now… WOW.

    • Wow. It’s amazing to think about how our lives would be so different with one change in a life lived years ago. I hope you get to visit Germany someday, Megan. I hear it is a beautiful place.

  3. It would be cool if we got one from South America. Someplace different, like Brazil. Sorry no cool history from me! (awesome post Megan) It is a lot different in Brazil than it is here. I mean, they have all the tropical birds and funky animals from the rain forests. Do you think I’d like Brazil? Would you?

    • First, I have to say I really like your comment! Your grammar is good; you have nice examples, and you asked a question! Nice job. I do think you would like Brazil because you have an adventurous spirit. You are open to new ideas and experiences. I think I would like Brazil, too. I love to learn about people and places I have never seen before. When I do that, I always learn more about myself, too!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  4. Hi, Maddy from Huzzah here, and I would love to go somewere exotic with lots of history like Peru. I would also like to go to Greece because I love the greek gods and the history that come with them. I hope our blogs take us there!

    • Hi Maddy,
      Peru sounds like a great country to visit. One of my students has visited Machu Picchu. I aso would love to go to Greece one day. It would be remarkable to walk up the steps of the Pathenon just like the Athenians did thousands of years ago!
      Thanks for visiting!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

  5. Hi, my name’s Kaiden and I am from Huzzah. I would like to go someplace fun like Mexico because it is very warm there and you can go swimming with scuba diving stuff and go para sailing. Also there is lots of weird fancy food. I want our blog to take us there.

    • Hi Kaiden,
      Thanks so much for visiting us. I hope you get to go to Mexico on your blog, too. Traveling to other countries via the blog is one of my favorite reasons for blogging. Guess what? You can also do all the activities you mentioned in Florida, too! Do you ever go snow skiing? We sure can’t do that here!
      ~Mrs. Donofrio

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