We are Thankful For….

In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving this month.  Thanksgiving began when the Pilgrims thanked God for their new home in Plimoth and their new friends, the Wampanoag tribe.

We are grateful for our friends at Huzzah who helped us learn the basics of blogging last year.  They continue to be an inspiration to us, and we want to congratulate them on their recognition today from The Edublogger as an exemplary classroom blog.

Hooray for Huzzah!

Hooray for Huzzah!

As we mentioned yesterday, we are also thankful for our veterans.

For the rest of this month, we’d like to make a list of everything for which we give thanks.  Add to our list by leaving a comment and continuing the count with a numerical number.   Let’s see how much thanks we can give!  100 items?

We are thankful for…

1. Huzzah! 

2. our veterans

3. finding my lunch box that had been lost for a week!  Thank you, Mr. Mackey!

4. watching my son and daughter play basketball for their school teams this afternoon.

5.  the knowledge that God is watching over me.  Today I lost my car key and couldn’t go home from school.  Without realizing it, I had put it down this morning, along with a lot of other things I was carrying, on a wall near some bushes.  When I picked up all the other bags, I left the key there.  At lunch time, a 5th grader found it in the mulch.  He told his teacher.  She brought it to the office.  At 4:30 when I wanted to go home, I had no key.  After frantically looking through my pocketbook and schoolbag, I headed back into school to look on my desk, telling my daughter to pray to St. Anthony and praying myself, “Dear St. Anthony, please look around.  Something’s lost and can’t be found.” Mrs. Gunther, the 6th grade teacher I ride to school with, followed me back into school, even though I told her she could wait in the car.  She saw the 5th grade teacher and told her we were looking for the key.  The 5th grade teacher had found the key; it was in the school office!  BUT the office was locked. and everyone had gone home.  Boo hoo.  We tried the parish office.  Yes!  Brother Peter had a key and knew the code to the alarm.  He unlocked the door, turned off the alarm, looked around for my key, FOUND IT, reset the alarm, and gave me back my key.  In order for me to get my car key back, all of the following had to have occurred:  Mrs. Gunther had to have decided to follow me back inside school; the 5th grade teacher had to also have been working late AND walking out of the building at the exact same time we were walking back in, the 5th grade boy had to play in the mulch today and found the key to begin with; Brother Peter had to be available late in the day.  THANK YOU ST. ANTHONY!

What are you thankful for?  Write it down!  Next comment starts with #6.